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Trivia Quiz - The Danny Thomas Show aka Make Room for Daddy

What do you know about "The Danny Thomas Show" aka "Make Room for Daddy"?

Quiz Number: 3348
Date Submitted: March 28, 2010
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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The Danny Thomas Show aka Make Room for Daddy
(Image Source: Danny Thomas Show cast at Classic TV)

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1. Danny Thomas played Danny Williams in "The Danny Thomas Show." What was his occupation?
  A.   musician and musical producer
  B.   comedy writer
  C.   band leader
  D.   comedian and nightclub entertainer

2. How many seasons was "The Danny Thomas Show" known as "Make Room for Daddy"?
  A.   1 season
  B.   2 seasons
  C.   3 seasons
  D.   4 seasons

3. What actress played Danny Williams' wife in the show for the first three seasons?
  A.   Jean Hagen
  B.   Barbara Billingsley
  C.   Donna Reed
  D.   Lucille Ball

4. Actress Sherry Jackson played the Williams' daughter in the show. What was her name in the show?
  A.   Terry
  B.   Tammy
  C.   Tricia
  D.   Tracy

5. Actor Rusty Hamer played son Rusty on the show. What was his character's name?
  A.   Ralphy
  B.   Ricky
  C.   Randy
  D.   Rusty

6. At the beginning of the 1957 season, Danny Williams married for second time. What actress played his new wife, Kathy O'Hara?
  A.   June Lockhart
  B.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  C.   Marjorie Lord
  D.   Beverly Garland

7. Kathy O'Hara had a daughter named Linda who was eventually adopted by Danny. What actress played the role of Linda?
  A.   Angela Cartwright
  B.   Marta Kristen
  C.   Elinor Donahue
  D.   Shelly Fabares

8. In the seventh season, Danny Williams is arrested and detained in the small town of Mayberry. Who played the sheriff that arrested Danny?
  A.   Peter Falk
  B.   Fred Gwynne
  C.   Andy Griffith
  D.   Jack Webb

9. A revival show aired on ABC in 1970-71. What was the show called?
  A.   Make Room for More Danny
  B.   Make Room for Granddaddy
  C.   Revisiting Danny Thomas
  D.   What's Danny Doing Now?

10. The theme music for the show was a jazzy instrumental version of what traditional Irish song?
  A.   Danny Boy
  B.   The Unicorn Song
  C.   The Hills of Connemara
  D.   The Girl I Left Behind®   

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