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Trivia Quiz - Johnny Mathis: The Velvet Voice

What do you know about singer Johnny Mathis?

Quiz Number: 3254
Date Submitted: October 20, 2009
Quiz Categories: Music, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
Average Score: 42.9 percent
Times Taken: 97 times
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Quiz is about: Johnny Mathis

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Johnny Mathis The Velvet Voice
(Image Source: Johnny Mathis @ San Francisco Sentinel)

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1. Johnny Mathis signed with MGM to sing what song for the 1957 movie "Lizzie"?
  A.   It's Not For Me To Say
  B.   My Love For you
  C.   Wild Is The wind
  D.   All The Time

2. Johnny Mathis's first album was called what?
  A.   Wonderful, Wonderful
  B.   Warm Columbia
  C.   Swing Softly
  D.   Johnny Mathis: A New Sound In Popular Music

3. Jazz producers saw Johnny Mathis sing and sent a telegram saying, "Have found phenomenal 19-year old boy who could go all the way. Send blank contracts.", to which record company?
  A.   Mercury Records
  B.   Sun Records
  C.   Capital Records
  D.   Columbia Records

4. What Johnny Mathis song was played during the alien visit in the film "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"?
  A.   We Only Just Begun
  B.   The Twelfth Of Never
  C.   Chances Are
  D.   Stardust

5. What was the name of Johnny Mathis' first Christmas album, recorded in 1958?
  A.   Merry Christmas
  B.   The Christmas Album
  C.   The Sounds of Christmas
  D.   For Christmas

6. In 1958, Johnny Mathis released the first ever greatest hits album in the music industry. What was it called?
  A.   The Johnny Mathis Collection
  B.   Johnny's Greatest Hits
  C.   The Ultimate Johnny Mathis
  D.   The Best of Johnny Mathis

7. Johnny Mathis' greatest hits album spent a record 490 consecutive weeks on the Billboard charts. This record was not broken until the 1980's by what album?
  A.   Thriller
  B.   The Wall
  C.   The Dark Side of the Moon
  D.   Saturday Night Fever

8. In 1989, Johnny Mathis sang the opening theme to what ABC soap opera?
  A.   Loving
  B.   All My Children
  C.   One Life To Live
  D.   General Hospital

9. Who said "Johnny Mathis is the best ballad singer in the world"?
  A.   Ed Sullivan
  B.   Mitch Miller
  C.   Ray Coniff
  D.   Johnny Carson

10. When Johnny Mathis was first starting out, he had a decision to make: One choice was to go to New York to make his first recordings. What was the other?
  A.   get married
  B.   go to Olympic tryouts
  C.   go to tryouts for the San Francisco Giants
  D.   go to brother's wedding®   

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