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Trivia Quiz - Todd Rundgren: Versatile Musician

Todd Rundgren is well known for his success in various musical genres. What do you know about him?

Quiz Number: 3215
Date Submitted: September 28, 2009
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Todd Rundgren

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Todd Rundgren Versatile Musician
(Image Source: Todd Rundgren @ Audio Floss)

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1. "Hello, It's Me" was a top ten hit for Todd Rundgren as a solo artist. With what band did he originally record this song?
  A.   The New Cars
  B.   Utopia
  C.   Runt
  D.   Nazz

2. On what Rundgren album will you find the hit single, "I Saw the Light"?
  A.   A Wizard, a True Star
  B.   Something/Anything?
  C.   Todd
  D.   Runt

3. Which of the following 1970s Todd Rundgren albums would NOT be considered from his "progressive rock years"?
  A.   Faithful (1976)
  B.   Initiation (1975)
  C.   Todd (1974)
  D.   A Wizard, a True Star (1973)

4. For what popular children's television show did Todd score four episodes in 1986?
  A.   Macy Mouse
  B.   Blue's Clues
  C.   Barney & Friends
  D.   Pee Wee's Playhouse

5. Which of the following songs is NOT found on the album, "Adventures in Utopia?"
  A.   Caravan
  B.   The Road to Utopia
  C.   Silly Boy
  D.   Second Nature

6. Who was the original keyboard player for Todd Rundgren's Utopia?
  A.   Mark "Moogy" Klingman
  B.   Roger Powell
  C.   Tony Kaye
  D.   Geoff Downes

7. Which of the following musicians was NOT part of the 2001 Beatles Tribute concert tour, "A Walk Down Abbey Road" that included Todd Rundgren?
  A.   Ann Wilson of Heart
  B.   Jeff Lynne of ELO
  C.   John Entwistle of The Who
  D.   David Pack of Ambrosia

8. To what project was Todd referring when he said, "this is an opportunity ... for me to pay my bills, play to a larger audience, work with musicians I know and like, and ideally have some fun for a year."
  A.   The New Cars
  B.   A Walk Down Abbey Road
  C.   A Wizard, A True Star Tour 2009
  D.   Utopia

9. What Rundgren song was used in several TV commercials in the 1990s and became an unofficial anthem of the Green Bay Packers?
  A.   Set Me Free
  B.   Can We Still Be Friends
  C.   Hello, It's Me
  D.   Bang the Drum All Day

10. Todd Rundgren helped raise a friend's daughter. This friend is member of the band, Aerosmith. Who is he?
  A.   Steven Tyler
  B.   Brad Whitford
  C.   Joe Perry
  D.   Tom Hamilton®   

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