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Trivia Quiz - Millard Fillmore: 13th U.S. President

What do you know about Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States?

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Date Submitted: April 13, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Millard Fillmore

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Millard Fillmore 13th U.S. President
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1. Which of the following presidential "firsts" was true of Millard Fillmore?
  A.   he was the first U.S. president born after the death of a former president
  B.   he was the first vice president to ascend to the presidency after the death of the sitting president
  C.   he was the first president to cancel the inaugural ball
  D.   he was the first president to be photgraphed at his inauguration

2. Millard Fillmore founded what New York academic institution in 1846?
  A.   Niagara University
  B.   Colgate University
  C.   Syracuse University
  D.   The University of Buffalo

3. Millard Fillmore served as a member of Congress from 1833 to 1843. Which of the following is NOT true of his tenure in Congress?
  A.   he opposed the entrance of Texas into the union as a slave state
  B.   he served as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee
  C.   he won his bid for Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1841
  D.   he authored the Tariff of 1842 eventually vetoed by President John Tyler

4. Fillmore was the last U.S. President from which political party?
  A.   Federalist
  B.   Whig
  C.   Know Nothing Party
  D.   Democratic-Republican

5. During his presidency, Fillmore initiated something new and important in the White House. What was it?
  A.   White House Library
  B.   White House Kitchen
  C.   White House Rose Garden
  D.   White House Oval Office

6. What state was admitted to the union during the Fillmore administration?
  A.   Texas
  B.   California
  C.   Wisconsin
  D.   Minnesota

7. As part of the Compromise of 1850 between Southern slaveholding interests and Northern Free-Soilers, Fillmore signed what bill into law in 1850?
  A.   Kansas-Nebraska Act
  B.   Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
  C.   Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
  D.   Emancipation Proclamation

8. While touring Europe in 1855, Fillmore was offered an honorary Doctor of Civil Law (D.C.L.) degree from what university?
  A.   Cardiff University
  B.   University of London
  C.   Middlesex University
  D.   Oxford University

9. In 1856, Fillmore ran for the office of president with Andrew Jackson Donelson as his running mate. What political party did he represent?
  A.   Federalist
  B.   Whig
  C.   Know Nothing Party
  D.   Democratic-Republican

10. During the Civil War, former president Fillmore commanded a corps of home guards of males over the age of 45 from the Upstate New York area. What was the name of the corps?
  A.   Civil War Signal Corps
  B.   Iron Reserve Brigade
  C.   12th New York Reserve Corps
  D.   Union Continentals®   

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