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Trivia Quiz - Family Affair: A Cute Sitcom!

Family Affair was the story of a well-to-do bachelor, Bill Davis, and the challenges he faced raising his brother's orphaned children.

Quiz Number: 3078
Date Submitted: February 02, 2009
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Family Affair A Cute Sitcom
(Image Source: THE DR. ZOD and JOHNNY SHOW)

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1. Who played the role of Bill Davis?
  A.   John Astin
  B.   Andy Griffith
  C.   Danny Thomas
  D.   Brian Keith

2. What was Bill Davis' occupation?
  A.   civil engineer
  B.   lawyer
  C.   doctor
  D.   senator

3. Mr. French referred to himself as a:
  A.   gentleman's valet
  B.   servant extraordinaire
  C.   valet de chambre
  D.   gentleman's gentleman

4. Who played the role of Mr. Giles French?
  A.   Sebastian Cabot
  B.   Peter Benson
  C.   Michael Brennan
  D.   Leo G. Carroll

5. Who played the role of Catherine "Cissy" Patterson-Davis?
  A.   Kathy Garver
  B.   Elinor Donahue
  C.   Marlo Thomas
  D.   Shelly Fabares

6. What was the name of Buffy's doll?
  A.   Mrs. Harley
  B.   Mrs. Beasley
  C.   Mrs. Trembley
  D.   Mrs. McGillicuddy

7. Who played the role of Ava Elizabeth "Buffy" Patterson-Davis?
  A.   Erin Murphy
  B.   Susan Olsen
  C.   Anissa Jones
  D.   Lisa Loring

8. Who played the role of Jonathan "Jody" Patterson-Davis?
  A.   Mike Lookinland
  B.   Tommy Norden
  C.   Butch Patrick
  D.   Johnny Whitaker

9. On which television network did "Family Affair" broadcast?
  A.   ABC
  B.   CBS
  C.   FOX
  D.   NBC

10. In what city did "Family Affair" take place?
  A.   Philadelphia
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Chicago
  D.   New York City®   

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