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Trivia Quiz - "Lizzie Borden Took An Axe...."

They say she killed her father and stepmother. But did she really? I guess we'll really never know the truth. Great Lizzie Borden trivia and Lizzie Borden facts!

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Date Submitted: October 08, 2008
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law, American Culture
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Lizzie Borden

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Lizzie Borden Took An Axe....
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1. Lizzie Borden and her family lived in what New England state?
  A.   Massachusetts
  B.   Connecticut
  C.   Rhode Island
  D.   New Hampshire

2. Lizzie's father's name was:
  A.   David Borden
  B.   John Borden
  C.   William Borden
  D.   Andrew Borden

3. Lizzie's stepmother's name was:
  A.   Mary Borden
  B.   Abby Borden
  C.   Catherine Borden
  D.   Phyllis Borden

4. In what room of the Borden home was Lizzie's father's body found?
  A.   sitting room
  B.   his bedroom
  C.   living room
  D.   kitchen

5. In what room of the Borden home was Lizzie's step mother's body found?
  A.   her bedroom
  B.   guest bedroom
  C.   kitchen
  D.   living room

6. Who discovered the body of Lizzie's stepmother?
  A.   Lizzie Borden
  B.   Bridget Sullivan, the family maid
  C.   Emma Borden, Lizzie's sister
  D.   John Morse, brother of Andrew Borden's first wife, who was visiting at the time

7. During what season did the murders take place?
  A.   spring
  B.   summer
  C.   fall
  D.   winter

8. It was revealed during testimony that, prior to the murders, Lizzie Borden had tried to purchase what?
  A.   a hatchet
  B.   prussic acid (known today as cyanide)
  C.   arsenic
  D.   a pistol

9. Arnold R. Brown wrote an alternative version of the murders in his 1992 book "Lizzie Borden: The Legend, The Truth, The Final Chapter." Who did he point to as the murderer?
  A.   William Borden, illegitimate paternal half-brother of Lizzie
  B.   Emma Borden, Lizzie's sister
  C.   Bridget Sullivan, the family maid
  D.   Lizzie Borden

10. Who portrayed Lizzie Borden in the 1975 movie "The Legend of Lizzie Borden".
  A.   Lindsay Wagner
  B.   Farrah Fawcett
  C.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  D.   Barbara Eden®   

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