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Trivia Quiz - Jimmy Carter: His Personal Life

How much do you know about the personal life of President Jimmy Carter?

Quiz Number: 2685
Date Submitted: July 01, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Times Taken: 427 times
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Quiz is about: Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter His Personal Life
(Image Source: Jimmy Carter @ Wikipedia)

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1. Jimmy Carter is a Christian and has professed that Jesus Christ is the driving force in his life. Of what Christian denomination is he?
  A.   Baptist
  B.   Catholic
  C.   Anglican
  D.   Protestant

2. In what state was Jimmy Carter born and raised?
  A.   Arkansas
  B.   Mississippi
  C.   Alabama
  D.   Georgia

3. Jimmy Carter graduated from what university?
  A.   Georgia Tech
  B.   Auburn University
  C.   Georgia Southwestern State University
  D.   United States Naval Academy

4. Carter was born and raised in a farming family. What does the Carter family produce?
  A.   rye
  B.   cotton
  C.   peanuts
  D.   watermelons

5. Jimmy's brother, Billy Carter capitalized on his colorful image as a beer-drinking Southern boy by endorsing what brand of beer?
  A.   Rocky Top
  B.   Southern Boy
  C.   Brand X
  D.   Billy Beer

6. In 1946, Carter married Ms. Smith. What was her first name?
  A.   Roxanne
  B.   Rosemary
  C.   Rosanne
  D.   Rosalyn

7. Which one of the Carter's children lived with the family during the presidential years (1977-1981)?
  A.   John William "Jack" Carter
  B.   James Earl "Chip" Carter III
  C.   Donnel Jeffrey "Jeff" Carter
  D.   Amy Lynn Carter

8. In 2007, Carter announced his participation in a new humanitarian organization called:
  A.   Habitat for Humanity
  B.   The Elders
  C.   The Salvation Army
  D.   The Homelessness Project

9. What form of cancer is genetically common in the Carter family?
  A.   pancreatic
  B.   lung
  C.   brain
  D.   stomach

10. In 2007, a documentary film was produced highlighting Carter's humanitarian work. What was the name of the film?
  A.   Sources of Strength
  B.   Turning Point
  C.   Giving of Himself
  D.   Man from Plains®   

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