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Trivia Quiz - Eddie Albert: A Lifetime of Acting

Mr. Kimball: "Hello Mr. Douglas, isn't it a beautiful day?" Mr. Douglas: "It certainly is!" Mr. Kimball: "It certainly is what?" -From the sitcom, "Green Acres"

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Date Submitted: November 13, 2005
Quiz Categories: Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: krystal
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Quiz is about: Eddie Albert

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Eddie Albert A Lifetime of Acting
(Image Source: Eddie Albert @ The Globe & Mail)

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1. What constantly flabbergasted character did Eddie Albert play in the 1960's sitcom, "Green Acres?"
  A.   Oliver Wendell Douglas
  B.   Mr. Haney
  C.   Mr. Ziffel
  D.   Eb

2. What actor did Eddie Albert replace in the 1960 Broadway production of "The Music Man?"
  A.   Buddy Ebsen
  B.   Gene Hackman
  C.   Tony Randall
  D.   Robert Preston

3. Eddie Albert's television career is the earliest of any other performer. In what year did Eddie appear in RCA/NBC's first private live performance for their radio licensees in New York City?
  A.   1936
  B.   1937
  C.   1938
  D.   1939

4. An avid environmentalist, Eddie Albert helped launch the very first "Earth Day" on April 22, 1970. What else was significant about that date for Eddie?
  A.   it was his anniversary
  B.   it was his anniversary in show business
  C.   it was the date on which he endowed a great deal of money to conservation groups worldwide
  D.   it was his birthday

5. What was the name of Eddie Albert's wacky farm hand in the 1960's sitcom, "Green Acres?"
  A.   Ed
  B.   Eb
  C.   Arnold
  D.   Ted

6. What military honor was bestowed upon Eddie Albert for rescuing 70 of his fellow Marines at the battle of Tarawa in 1943?
  A.   The Purple Heart
  B.   The Iron Cross
  C.   The Bronze Star with a combat 'V'
  D.   The Meritorious Service Medal

7. Who played Eddie Albert's beautiful but naive wife in the 1960's sitcom, "Green Acres?"
  A.   Rose Marie
  B.   Zsa Zsa Gabor
  C.   Eva Gabor
  D.   Mary Tyler Moore

8. Eddie Albert was married only once, to Mexican actress Margo Albert. How many years were they married?
  A.   20
  B.   30
  C.   40
  D.   50

9. Speaking about "Green Acres" in 1965, Eddie Albert was quoted as saying, "the comedy is like Pickwick Papers, or Gulliver's Travels, or Voltaire. It's so far out that it becomes what?
  A.   truth
  B.   unbelievable
  C.   insane
  D.   painful

10. Eddie Albert died at the ripe old age of:
  A.   90
  B.   95
  C.   99
  D.   100®   

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