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Trivia Quiz - Rush: Canadian Power Trio

How much do you know about Canada's greatest rock band?

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Rush Canadian Power Trio
(Image Source: Rush)

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1. Who plays bass and keyboards for Rush?
  A.   Neil Peart
  B.   Alex Lifeson
  C.   Geddy Lee
  D.   Mama Cass

2. What is Geddy Lee's real first name?
  A.   Gerdy
  B.   Jerry
  C.   Gary
  D.   Gabby

3. Who did Neil Peart replace as drummer in 1974?
  A.   John Rutsey
  B.   Johnny Carson
  C.   Buddy Rich
  D.   Charlie Watts

4. Who plays guitars for Rush?
  A.   Alex Lifeson
  B.   Tom Terrific
  C.   Geddy Lee
  D.   Neil Peart

5. Rush were inducted into what on May 9, 1996, becoming the first rock band to be so honored?
  A.   The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  B.   The Order of Canada
  C.   Canadian Music Hall of Fame
  D.   The dudes with long hair hall of fame

6. Rush took their logo, a red pentigram with a naked guy on it from which 1976 album?
  A.   Fly by Night
  B.   A Farewell to Kings
  C.   Caress of Steel
  D.   2112

7. The 1978 album, "Hemispheres" was a sequel to what album?
  A.   Fly by Night
  B.   A Farwell to Kings
  C.   Caress of Steel
  D.   2112

8. What song on the CD "Fly by Night" sings about JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth?
  A.   Rivendell
  B.   Hobbiton
  C.   The Shire
  D.   The Dwarves

9. Geddy Lee's solo album is entitled:
  A.   You Hoser!
  B.   Take off to the Great White North
  C.   Victor
  D.   My Favorite Headache

10. Neil Peart lost his daughter, Selena Taylor, in 1997 to an auto accident, and 11-months later he lost his wife, Jackie, to cancer. What album was dedicated to the two?
  A.   Different Stages
  B.   Test for Echo
  C.   Vapor Trails
  D.   Counterparts®   

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