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Trivia Quizzes - The Beatles

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 The Beatles Music in AmericaThe Beatles  dana17840.5
3 The Beatles Name GameThe Beatles  dana31565
4 The Beatles BasicsThe Beatles  trickymutha39874
5 The Beatles: Song-Album MatchThe Beatles  martha17457.9
6 The Beatles - It's Tough!The Beatles  LittleLady33152.1
7 The Beatles on Ed SullivanThe Beatles, TV Variety Shows  LittleLady23442.1
8 The Beatles Sgt Pepper's AlbumThe Beatles  LittleLady21151.7
9 Which Beatle?The Beatles  Samurai Sam40752
10 Which Beatle? Part 2The Beatles  Samurai Sam15152.8
11 George Harrison: Legendary MusicianRock -n- Roll, The BeatlesGeorge Harrison  dana18454.6
12 John Lennon: Musician, Artist & Peace ActivistThe BeatlesJohn Lennon  bill17150.2
13 Paul McCartney: Personal Life of a CelebrityThe Beatles, Rock -n- RollPaul McCartney  bill22466
14 Ringo Starr: His Early Life and The BeatlesThe BeatlesRingo Starr  lmcubs22866.2

Grand Averages for these 13 Quizzes     55.8®   

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