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Biographies - Charles W. Swan
Charles Swan
Charles W. Swan
Born: March 11, 1942
20th century American actor.


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The Right Honorable Chevalier Sir Dr. Charles W. Swan,
KHS The Religious and Military Order Knights of the
Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem was baptized and raised in Pennsylvania AME Zion Church in Baltimore and Idlewild Baptise Church in Tampa, Florida. He was raised and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. He excelled in all of his life pursuits, skipping most of his grades in public schools pursuing music, foreign languages, science and medicine. He attended Edmondson High School, Baltimore City College, Morgan State University (Vice President of Class), Ohio Christian College (Doctorate), University of Texas Health Science Center, at Houston Texas. (Post Doctorate) He has been honored as a under-Secretary of the United Nation, Presidential Policy Advisor, Deputy States Program Commissioner, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, an Executive Director of Neighborhood Services and Private Practice, Swan and Associates, PA. At Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center, as a Clinical InternĀ­ist, he was awarded the Silver Key Award from the National Association for Mental Health, Jessup, Maryland. Dr. Charles W. Swan has been honored with the Medal of Freedom, the Legion of Merit Award and The Eternal Flame of Freedom Medal in which the Flame is burning two blocks from our nations Capitol listing Dr. Charles W. Swan therein, he has been granted a United States Senate Senatorial Commission, is a member of Marquis Whos Who in America, Science, Medicine, and the World. He was also nominated Time Magazine Person of the Century. Charles has gained world class recognition for his lifes work and pursuits with inductions into memberships in the world renowned professional societies, i.e., The National Association for World Health, The National Library of Medicine, The New York Academy of Science, The Center for Disease Control, The Human Genome Sequencing Management Center, The National Atlantic Treaty Organization Scientific and Environmental Programmes (NATO), The American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Medical Association, American Library Association, American Physical Society Forum on Physic and Society and The Historical Society of the United States Supreme Court, etc.

Charles is listed in the Black as a Historical Black Figure along with renowned Dr. Mae C. Jemison, Thurgood Marshall, Madame Walker, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King. He is featured in, Celebrity Portal and famous birthdays and Blacks in Hollywood. He has received many appreciation letters from Congress, Governors, Mayors and certificates from foreign dignitaries and
Ambassadors including the Presidents of the United States. Queen Elizabeth invited him to England as her special guest for the opening of the new Royal Air Museum. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Charles was Knighted in the year of our Lord, June, 2000 by Queen Victoria
of England who is the cousin to every King and Queen in the World. Sir Charles Royal lineage is from King Peter of Yugoslavia.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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