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Registered on October 4, 2014

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First Name: Cindy
Last Name: Anderson
Country: US
Postal Code: 37353
Favorite Author: The Bible King Edwards
Favorite Musician: Kid Rock
About cheersup: Me I am a happy loving out going person. I love to be spontaneously Love the beach travel only 7 states I haven't been too Married 27 years fell in love since 85 love at first sight (both of us) on the beach. Love tattoo's We have 1 daughter living and 3 grandkids son in law Wonderful Momma & Daddy a brother Love Family Friends animals Guns got 100 on gun test out shot whole class (22) love music meeting bands.I love my husband best friend he is soo good to me.We live in Ten. But ready to move back to Fl.My Best FRIEND since we meet in Jr. High Maureen Wareham she's the best.Just Live Life Live It To The Fullest favorite saying never say bye or good bye say See Ya never know so see ya is next time or in Heaven.
Airport Sightings: Waited on Mr.Brady (Brady Bunch) Jim Stafford at State Fair shopping Kenny Rogers in Boise I'd @ a bar kissed him. The Molly Hatchet signed my bathing suit me wearing it !! Picture took with Linda Davis Meet "10 years after" band. Kid Rock but no pictures®   

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