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Trivia Quiz - Friends: TV Sitcom Season One Facts

Trivia and facts about the first season of the TV sitcom, "Friends."

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Date Submitted: March 07, 2007
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: eyelessgavin
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Friends TV Sitcom Season One Facts
(Image Source: Friends Cast)

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1. Who has the very first line of the first episode of the "Friends" series?
  A.   Ross
  B.   Rachel
  C.   Monica
  D.   Chandler

2. What is the name of Joey’s play during season one of "Friends"?
  A.   Freud
  B.   Freud!
  C.   Freud?
  D.   Freud!?

3. With what celebrity does Chandler get trapped in an ATM vestibule on "Friends?"
  A.   Jill Goodacre
  B.   Jill Goodager
  C.   Lil’ Goodacre
  D.   Lil’ Goodager

4. On season one of "Friends", what disease does Joey “get” from his modeling job?
  A.   Herpes
  B.   Chlamydia
  C.   Gonorrhea
  D.   VD

5. According to Dr. Robert Pillman, career counselor “a-go-go,” Chandler is ideally suited for what career?
  A.   Data processing
  B.   Advertising executive
  C.   Advertising designer
  D.   Pool boy

6. What three Scrabble letters does Marcel swallow?
  A.   M, O, N
  B.   M, O, K
  C.   M, O, E
  D.   M, O, Y

7. What is the name of the animal control officer who “hunts” Marcel?
  A.   Louis
  B.   Luisa
  C.   Lou
  D.   Lauren

8. The real Monica spent $69.95 on this, making her a geek in Chandler’s eyes.
  A.   A wonder mop
  B.   A wonder broom
  C.   A roasting pan
  D.   A dozen lasagnas

9. Ross mistakenly gets beeped by the “wrong” people. Who are they trying to beep?
  A.   Andy
  B.   Andre
  C.   Arthur
  D.   Andrew

10. How do Ross and Susan finally agree on the name Ben for Ross and Carol’s son?
  A.   The doctor suggests it after his father
  B.   The custodian who let’s them out of the utility closet is named Ben
  C.   They don’t agree, Carol pick’s it so Ross and Susan will stop bickering
  D.   It was the name on the custodian’s uniform in the utility closet®   

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