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Trivia Quiz - ER: American Medical Drama

Questions about some past and present characters on this great medical show. Awesome "ER" trivia!

Quiz Number: 920
Date Submitted: March 02, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: tazzytina
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ER American Medical Drama
(Image Source: ER)

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1. Who was the character in "ER" that attempted suicide by taking an overdose of medication?
  A.   Dr Elizabeth Corday
  B.   Carol Hathaway
  C.   Dr Doug Ross
  D.   Dr John Carter

2. Name the character in "ER" who had a deaf son on the show:
  A.   Dr Mark Greene
  B.   Dr Doug Ross
  C.   Dr Peter Benton
  D.   Dr Robert Romano

3. This "ER" character first lost his arm when he came into contact with a helicopter blade and then lost life when a helicopter crashes on him:
  A.   Dr Robert "Rocket" Romano
  B.   Dr Mark Greene
  C.   Dr Doug Ross
  D.   Dr John Carter

4. This character in "ER" died of a brain tumor in season 8:
  A.   Cynthia Hooper
  B.   Jerry Markovic
  C.   Dr Peter Benton
  D.   Dr Mark Greene

5. This "ER" character contracts HIV from her husband, which make life in the ER difficult:
  A.   Carol Hathaway RN
  B.   Abbie Lockhart MD
  C.   Jeanie Boulet Moore PA
  D.   Samantha Taggart RN

6. Which "ER" character's mother is played by Sally Field?
  A.   Dr Abby Lockhart
  B.   Carol Hathaway
  C.   Dr Doug Ross
  D.   Dr Elizabeth Corday

7. Which "ER" character comes from a very wealthy family?
  A.   Dr John Carter
  B.   Dr Doug Ross
  C.   Carol Hathaway RN
  D.   Dr Luka Kovac

8. What "ER" character walks with a crutch?
  A.   Dr Gregory Pratt
  B.   Dr Kerry Weaver
  C.   Malik McGrath
  D.   Haleh Adams

9. Which doctor on "ER" lost his wife and daughters when they were abducted and killed in Croatia?
  A.   Dr Donald Anspaugh
  B.   Dr Luca Kovac
  C.   Dr Neela Rasgorda
  D.   Dr Ray Barnett

10. Which "ER" character falls or possibly jumps in front of the El Train?
  A.   Carol Hathaway
  B.   Dr Gregory Pratt
  C.   Dr Mark Greene
  D.   Dr Dennis Gant®   

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