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Trivia Quiz - Gilmore Girls: Obsessed Like Me?

This quiz is made especially for all the "Gilmore Girls" addicts out there just like myself who have nothing better to do. As you can tell, Gilmore Girls is my favorite show and my ultimate obsession! -gilmorefreak101

Quiz Number: 892
Date Submitted: February 23, 2007
Quiz Categories: Gilmore Girls
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: gilmorefreak101
Average Score: 61.5 percent
Times Taken: 331 times
Taken by Registered Users: 16

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Gilmore Girls Obsessed Like Me
(Image Source: Gilmore Girls @ StarPulse)

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1. What character was referred to as God in one episode?
  A.   Luke
  B.   Lorelai's Grandmother
  C.   Rory
  D.   Richard

2. At what event did Max Medina finally convince Lorelai to go out with him...(kind of)?
  A.   Rory's first day at Chilton
  B.   parent's day at Chilton
  C.   when Max gets stranded in stars hollow because of car trouble
  D.   Chilton bake sale

3. In Rory's high school graduation speech, who did she declare she wanted to be?
  A.   the first woman president of the United States
  B.   the greatest known journalist ever
  C.   Lorelai
  D.   a person who could appreciate anything she saw

4. What does Mrs. Kim send to Lane's boyfriend, Dave, while he is away at college?
  A.   a Bible
  B.   a jug
  C.   a picture of Lane when she was a baby
  D.   a letter telling him that she doesn't think Lane should be involved with him anymore

5. In season five, when Sookie is put on bed rest, what is the dinner that nobody will prepare?
  A.   duck
  B.   chicken
  C.   lamb chops
  D.   Sookie was on bed rest? When? Why didn't I know about this?

6. During the remodeling of her house in season six, Lorelai has to shower at Babette's house because some of the constuction workers saw her getting out of the shower. Who were these guys?
  A.   Joe, Pete, Slim, TJ, Billy, and Teddy
  B.   Pete, Jim, Slim, Billy, and Teddy
  C.   Joe, Pete, Slim, Billy, and Teddy
  D.   Pete, Jim, Tom, Slim, Billy, and Teddy

7. What strategy did Lorelai give Emily to deal with Richard's mother?
  A.   to ignore her completely
  B.   to obey her every command
  C.   to just get through it doing the same thing she had been
  D.   to find her disapointment funny

8. In the season two bracebridge dinner episode, what contest are Lorelai and Rory competing in?
  A.   coffee drinking race
  B.   snowman-building contest
  C.   dance marathon
  D.   I don't even watch this show, I'm just bored out of my mind

9. In season seven, Stars Hollow is having a knitathon to raise money for what?
  A.   a bridge that is falling down
  B.   new street signs
  C.   a new gazebo
  D.   signs telling people to tuck their pants into their socks to protect their legs from ticks

10. Okay, well since you made it this far, I will give you an easy one: where does the best show in the world and my obvious obsession take place?
  A.   Connecticut
  B.   Massachusetts
  C.   Rhode Island
  D.   Vermont®   

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