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Trivia Quiz - Our Gang aka. The Little Rascals

Who were all those cute, hilarious kids from the 1930's? The "Our Gang" series was also known as "The Little Rascals." Great Little Rascals trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 844
Date Submitted: February 11, 2007
Quiz Categories: Old Time Comedy Short Films
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: arnold
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Our Gang aka. The Little Rascals
(Image Source: Our Gang aka. The Little Rascals)

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1. Who played the character known as Buckwheat?
  A.   Andy Samuel
  B.   Jackie Cooper
  C.   Bobbie "Bonedust" Young
  D.   William Thomas, Jr.

2. Who played the character known as Mickey? He also played the role of a popular T.V. detective in the 70's.
  A.   Peter Falk
  B.   Robert Blake
  C.   Mickey Cochrane
  D.   Sidney "Woim" Kibrick

3. Before attempting to eat an artichoke, this character said, "It may choke Artie but it ain't chokin' Stymie!" Who played this character?
  A.   Mathew Beard, Jr.
  B.   Jackie Davis
  C.   Johnny Downs
  D.   Douglas Greer

4. Who played Spanky's little brother and what was his name?
  A.   Jackie Cooper as Alfalfa
  B.   Darwood Kaye as Waldo
  C.   Eugene Lee as Porky
  D.   Robert Blake as Porky

5. Who played the rough voice character named Froggy?
  A.   William Robert Laughline
  B.   Gary "Junior" Jasgar
  C.   Billy Lord
  D.   Marvin "Bubbles" Trin

6. She was Hot for Teacher, long before Van Halen sung about it. Who played the role of Miss Crabtree?
  A.   Mildred Kornman
  B.   June Marlowe
  C.   Betty Davis
  D.   Wilma Cox

7. There was a band called Weezer as well as a very popular Little Rascals character. Who played Weezer in the Little Rascals?
  A.   Leon "Spud" Janney
  B.   Mickey Daniels
  C.   Jackie Condon
  D.   Robert Hutchins

8. He was a main character known as Spanky. Who played this character?
  A.   Geezer Butler
  B.   George McFarland
  C.   Wally Albright Jr.
  D.   Pete the Pup

9. Who played the mean bully known as Butch?
  A.   Tommy Bond
  B.   Harry Spear
  C.   Jay Smith
  D.   Mugsy McDermott

10. Spanky and Alfalfa were always after the affection of Darla. Who played Darla?
  A.   Mary Ann Jackson
  B.   Jannie Hoskins
  C.   Darla Hood
  D.   Shirley Temple®   

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