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Trivia Quiz - Survivor: Fun Facts

Different facts based on the reality show "Survivor".

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Date Submitted: February 07, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: darlened
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Survivor Fun Facts
(Image Source: Survivor)

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1. The first premier of the reality TV show Survivor was:
  A.   April 30, 1998
  B.   February 28, 2002
  C.   May 31, 2000
  D.   January 31, 2001

2. Who was the first winner of Survivor?
  A.   Rudy
  B.   Richard
  C.   Susan
  D.   Dirk

3. What's the first name of the first host of Survivor?
  A.   Phil
  B.   Joe
  C.   John
  D.   Jeff

4. How many days were the survivors stranded?
  A.   39
  B.   37
  C.   35
  D.   31

5. Who won the second season of Survivor Outback?
  A.   Keith
  B.   Colby
  C.   Jerri
  D.   Tina

6. Survivor 3 took place in:
  A.   Australia
  B.   Africa
  C.   Amazon
  D.   Figi

7. The winner of Survivor Amazon (2003) was:
  A.   Janet
  B.   Jeanne
  C.   Jenna
  D.   JoAnna

8. Which one of the following players was NOT in Season 7 "Survivor Pearl Island"?
  A.   Rupert
  B.   Sandra
  C.   Rob
  D.   Lillian

9. How many teams were there in Season 12 "Survivor Panama?"
  A.   4
  B.   3
  C.   2
  D.   5

10. What are the names of the 2 people who got engaged and married after meeting on Survivor?
  A.   Tom & Julie
  B.   Jenna & Seth
  C.   Ryan & Trista
  D.   Rob & Amber®   

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