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Trivia Quiz - NASCAR Racing Basics

Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to ride! -phonerec

Quiz Number: 778
Date Submitted: January 23, 2007
Quiz Categories: Auto Racing
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: phonerec
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NASCAR Racing Basics
(Image Source: The Weekly Driver)

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1. Who created NASCAR?
  A.   Tim Flock
  B.   Bill France Jr
  C.   Bill Wheeler
  D.   Bill France Sr

2. What year was NASCAR founded?
  A.   1927
  B.   1948
  C.   1955
  D.   1965

3. Who is "awesome" from Dawsonville GA?
  A.   Bill Elliott
  B.   Jeff Gordon
  C.   Dale Earnhart
  D.   Tony Stewart

4. Who won the first Daytona 500?
  A.   Johnny Beauchamp
  B.   David Pearson
  C.   Lee Petty
  D.   Fred Lorenzen

5. Who was the 2006 Nextel Champion?
  A.   Greg Biffle
  B.   Ryan Newman
  C.   Jimmy Johnson
  D.   Kyle Busch

6. What former racer and famous NASCAR commentator passed away January 16, 2007?
  A.   Darrell Waltrip
  B.   Jerry Punch
  C.   Ned Jarrett
  D.   Benny Parsons

7. Who were the first two drivers to win the Winston Million?
  A.   Dale Earnhart Sr. and Dale Jarrett
  B.   Dale Earnhart Jr. and Ryan Newman
  C.   Bill Elliott and Jeff Gordon
  D.   Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin

8. Who were the first two drivers to win seven NASCAR championships?
  A.   Mark Martin and Dale Jarrett
  B.   Richard Petty and Dale Earnhart Sr.
  C.   Neil Bonnett and Ned Jarrett
  D.   Jimmy Johnson and Jeremy Mayfield

9. What is Richard Petty's nickname?
  A.   King
  B.   Prince
  C.   Earl
  D.   Duke

10. What is considered to be the "Superbowl" of NASCAR?
  A.   Dover 400
  B.   Pennsylvainia 500
  C.   Pocono 500
  D.   Daytona 500®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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