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Trivia Quiz - Pantera Fundamentals

Some pretty tough questions about one of the most influential metal bands ever. -eyelessgavin

Quiz Number: 760
Date Submitted: December 16, 2006
Quiz Categories: Heavy Metal
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: eyelessgavin
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Pantera Fundamentals
(Image Source: Heavy Harmonies)

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1. What album was Pantera's "official" debut album, although they had produced 4 albums before?
  A.   Vulgar Display of Power
  B.   Power Metal
  C.   Cowboys from Hell
  D.   Reinventing Hell

2. What song was Pantera's first attempt at showing the world they were not all about power and thrash?
  A.   Cemetary Gates
  B.   Planet Caravan
  C.   This Love
  D.   Floods

3. Philip Hansen Anselmo used what name when he was in the bands Viking Crown and Necrophagia?
  A.   Aleister LaVey
  B.   Anton Crowley
  C.   Charles Monroe
  D.   Ozymandias

4. Which band is NOT a side project of Phil Anselmo?
  A.   Superjoint Ritual
  B.   Damageplan
  C.   Southern Isolation
  D.   Down

5. Which album marked Pantera's decent out of stardom?
  A.   Far Beyond Driven
  B.   Power Metal
  C.   Reinventing the Steel
  D.   The Great Southern Trendkill

6. Phil never quite seemed to be able to stand still during this song, if you know what I mean.
  A.   Walk
  B.   Floods
  C.   War Nerve
  D.   Domination

7. What proof was Pantera's live album?
  A.   101
  B.   110
  C.   150
  D.   200

8. Who was never replaced as the bassist of Pantera?
  A.   Rex Robert Brown
  B.   Hank Williams III
  C.   Pepper Keenan
  D.   Todd Strange

9. In 2004, this band released its debut album. Vinnie Paul was its drummer, and Dimebag Darrell the the guitarist.
  A.   Superjoint Ritual
  B.   Damageplan
  C.   Explode
  D.   Corrosion of Conformity

10. On the same day that Dimebag Darrel was fatally shot, 24 years earlier to the day, what other famous artist was killed?
  A.   Marvin Gaye
  B.   Dorothy Stratten
  C.   Dennis Wilson
  D.   John Lennon®   

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