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Trivia Quiz - The Simpsons' Name Game

Think you know The Simpsons well? See if you know the names of the following people and places associated with the greatest TV show ever made...

Quiz Number: 744
Date Submitted: January 09, 2007
Quiz Categories: The Simpsons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Tadhg
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The Simpsons Name Game
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1. After years of closely guarding the name of the state in which Springfield is located, the creators finally gave it away in the episode "Behind The Laughter". In which state is Springfield located?
  A.   Ohio
  B.   Illinois
  C.   Kentucky
  D.   Indiana

2. What's the real name of the Sea Captain?
  A.   Captain McBride
  B.   Captain McBarnacle
  C.   Captain McConnolly
  D.   Captain McCallister

3. Bart fell in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica. What big-name actress provided her voice?
  A.   Winona Ryder
  B.   Sara Gilbert
  C.   Meryl Streep
  D.   Christina Ricci

4. In the episode "Cape Feare" the Simpsons had to change their name because they were placed under the Witness Protection Program. What was it changed to?
  A.   The Johnsons
  B.   The Thompsons
  C.   The Samsons
  D.   The Jacksons

5. Which of the following characters shares a name with a regular producer/writer of the show?
  A.   Martin Prince
  B.   Professor John Frink
  C.   Lenny Leonard
  D.   Carl Carlson

6. Apu's surname is:
  A.   Nahasapeemapetilap
  B.   Nahasapeemapetilon
  C.   Nahasapeemapetilet
  D.   Nahasapeemapetilak

7. Matt Groening's Dad's name is Homer, mother's name is Marge and sister's names are Maggie, Lisa and Patti. What's his brother's name?
  A.   Bart
  B.   Frank
  C.   Abe
  D.   Mark

8. Homer and Bart both have "J" as a middle initial in their names. What do they respectively stand for?
  A.   James and Jojo
  B.   Jojo and Jeff
  C.   Jeff and Jay
  D.   Jay and Jojo

9. Which of the following stars have not played a character that Homer has kissed?
  A.   John Waters
  B.   Beverly D'Angelo
  C.   Scott Thompson
  D.   Michelle Pfeiffer

10. Which of the following names was not a Sideshow with Krusty the Clown?
  A.   Sideshow Mel
  B.   Sideshow Raheem
  C.   Sideshow Luke Perry
  D.   Sideshow Cecil®   

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