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Trivia Quiz - Tom Waits: Music Star!

Test your knowledge of Tom Waits trivia!

Quiz Number: 708
Date Submitted: January 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: Jazz and Blues
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Tadhg
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Quiz is about: Tom Waits

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Tom Waits Music Star
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1. Where was Tom Waits born?
  A.   Johnsburg, Illinois
  B.   Ocean Beach, San Diego
  C.   Pomona, California
  D.   Jefferson, New Orleans

2. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of Tom Waits children.
  A.   Kellesimone
  B.   Marielou
  C.   Sullivan
  D.   Casey

3. Tom Waits met Kathleen Brennan, his wife and writing partner, on the set of what Francis Ford Coppola movie.
  A.   "The Cotton Club"
  B.   "Rumble Fish"
  C.   "The Outsiders"
  D.   "One From The Heart"

4. The photograph on the cover of "Rain Dogs"(1985), which is often mistakenly thought to be a photograph of Tom Waits, was taken by what photographer?
  A.   Anders Peterson
  B.   Ansell Adams
  C.   Alfred Eisenstaedt
  D.   Annie Leibovitz

5. "Blood Money" (2002) is the soundtrack to a Robert Wilson production of which play?
  A.   "Peer Gynt"
  B.   "Alice in Wonderland"
  C.   "Woyzeck"
  D.   "King Lear"

6. What is Tom Waits middle name?
  A.   Frank
  B.   Alan
  C.   James
  D.   Patrick

7. Which record label has Tom Waits NOT recorded with?
  A.   Asylum
  B.   Island
  C.   Anti
  D.   Reprise

8. Which company has Tom Waits NOT sued over the course of his career?
  A.   Coca Cola
  B.   Levis
  C.   Frito Lay
  D.   Tandem Campany Guasch

9. Which of the following is NOT a Tom Waits tribute/covers album?
  A.   "Step Right Up"
  B.   "Ones From The Heart"
  C.   "New Coat of Paint"
  D.   "Wicked Grin"

10. Who was Tom Waits musician girlfriend in the late 70's who appears on the sleeves of "Foreign Affairs" and "Blue Valentine?"
  A.   Joni Mitchel
  B.   Patti Smith
  C.   Debbie Harry
  D.   Rickie Lee Jones®   

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