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Trivia Quiz - Joe Namath Facts

Questions about where Joe Namath grew up, injuries, reputation, who he beat and Movie Co-stars

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Date Submitted: December 18, 2006
Quiz Categories: NFL Football, SEC Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Joe Namath

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Joe Namath Facts
(Image Source: Joe Namath at Wikipedia)

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1. Where did Joe Namath grow up?
  A.   Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
  B.   Cleveland, Ohio
  C.   Montgomery, Alabama
  D.   New York, New York

2. What on-going injury plagued Joe Namath from the later part of his college football days on?
  A.   Throwing arm injuries
  B.   Back injuries
  C.   Knee injuries
  D.   Ankle injury

3. As Joe Namath became a professional celebrity, what nickname was he given?
  A.   Rifle Joe
  B.   Broadway Joe
  C.   Double Joe
  D.   Bullet Joe

4. Who coached Joe Namath while he was playing college football?
  A.   Lou Holtz
  B.   Joe Paterno
  C.   Woody Hayes
  D.   Bear Bryant

5. Where did Joe Namath play college football?
  A.   Notre Dame
  B.   Penn State
  C.   Ohio State
  D.   Alabama

6. What well known comment did Joe Namath's college coach say about him?
  A.   "He had a very quick mind on the field"
  B.   "He was the greatest athlete I ever coached"
  C.   "He's cocky, and he'll never go anywhere with that attitude"
  D.   "His throwing accuracy is unparalleled"

7. Who did Joe Namath beat in the infamous Super Bowl III?
  A.   The Indianapolis Colts
  B.   The Pittsburgh Steelers
  C.   The Baltimore Colts
  D.   The Dallas Cowboys

8. Joe Namath did a commercial that gained a lot of attention where he wore women's clothing. What product was he selling?
  A.   Panty Hose
  B.   Shoes
  C.   Blouses
  D.   Dresses

9. With regard to the ladies, Joe Namath was known to be:
  A.   Very shy and conservative
  B.   Fairly open and free, as was the era of the late sixties
  C.   He was married and faithful
  D.   He abstained from sex during the season

10. With whom did Joe Namath star in C.C. and Company?
  A.   Ann Margret
  B.   Rachel Welch
  C.   Jane Fonda
  D.   Jane Seymour®   

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