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Trivia Quiz - Gilmore Girls: Season 2

Can you remember Season 2 of "Gilmore Girls"? If so, these questions are a cinch! written by portiabear.

Quiz Number: 662
Date Submitted: December 08, 2006
Quiz Categories: Gilmore Girls
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: portiabear
Average Score: 85.5 percent
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Gilmore Girls Season 2
(Image Source: Gilmore Girls @ StarPulse)

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1. What kind of flowers does Max send to Lorelai to propose?
  A.   Red roses
  B.   Yellow daisies
  C.   Sunflowers
  D.   Pink tulips

2. What extracurricular activity does Rory do to help make her college application look good?
  A.   Volunteer at a hospital
  B.   Pick up trash along the highway
  C.   Build a house
  D.   Collect food for the homeless

3. Who does Lorelai call from her bachelorette party?
  A.   Luke
  B.   Max
  C.   Jackson
  D.   Christopher

4. What is the name of the B&B where Lorelai and Rory stay on their road trip?
  A.   Cheshire Cat
  B.   Calico Cat
  C.   Black Cat
  D.   Kitty Cat

5. What is the name of the secret sorority that Rory almost joins to better her social skills at Chilton?
  A.   The Poofs
  B.   The Puffs
  C.   The Fluffs
  D.   The Muffs

6. Who portrays Squire Bracebridge at the Bracebridge Dinner at the Independence Inn?
  A.   Luke
  B.   Taylor
  C.   Jackson
  D.   Richard

7. Who bids on and wins Sookie's basket at the annual Stars Hollow picnic basket auction?
  A.   Jackson
  B.   Kirk
  C.   Luke
  D.   Taylor

8. What is the name of Richard's former office manager who won't leave her old job to work for Richard at his new consulting business?
  A.   Marva
  B.   Mary
  C.   Martha
  D.   Margie

9. What does Rory buy for Lorelai to celebrate her graduation from community college, only to leave it on the bus?
  A.   A Go-Gos album signed by Belinda
  B.   Tickets for a Bangles concert
  C.   A Harvard sweatshirt
  D.   A meatball

10. What does Jackson wear when he marries Sookie?
  A.   A 3-piece suit
  B.   A white tuxedo
  C.   Top hat and tails
  D.   A kilt®   

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