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Trivia Quiz - Michigan Wolverines Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Michigan Wolverines' football history and Michigan Wolverines' trivia!

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Date Submitted: November 23, 2006
Quiz Categories: Big Ten Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: wordupcameo
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Michigan Wolverines Football History  Facts
(Image Source: Michigan Wolverines Football Helmet @ M Go Blue)

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1. What is the official attendance at Michigan Stadium aka "The Big House?"
  A.   less than 50K
  B.   between 50K and 75K
  C.   between 75K and 100K
  D.   over 100K

2. What coach compiled a 194-48-5 record at Michigan from 1969-89?
  A.   Fielding H. Yost
  B.   Lloyd Carr
  C.   Bo Schembechler
  D.   Bennie Oosterban

3. What charasmatic announcer loved "Meeechigan?"
  A.   Bob Eubanks
  B.   Bob Ufer
  C.   Frank Beckman
  D.   Howard Cosell

4. What Wolverine wore the #1 jersey from 2003-2004?
  A.   Craig McMurtry
  B.   Anthony Carter
  C.   Braylon Edwards
  D.   David Terrell

5. What are the official colors of the Michigan Wolverines?
  A.   purple and silver
  B.   green and white
  C.   yellow and purple
  D.   maize and blue

6. What Michigan halfback won the Heisman trophy winner in 1940?
  A.   Jay Berwanger
  B.   Tom Harmon
  C.   Forest Evashevski
  D.   Bob Westfall

7. What was the main reason for the invention of the winged helmet?
  A.   Added color to the uniform
  B.   So the QB could see his receivers
  C.   So the refs knew the difference between UM and Brown
  D.   It was really meant for extra padding

8. What is at the center of the University of Michigan football field?
  A.   Block M
  B.   Michigan
  C.   Nothing
  D.   Big 10

9. After whom is the indoor practice facility named?
  A.   Bo Schembechler
  B.   Bennie Oosterban
  C.   Fielding H. Yost
  D.   Tom Harmon

10. What is the name of the Michigan Wolverines fight song?
  A.   Hail UM
  B.   Wolverines Roar!
  C.   The Victors
  D.   Hats Off to the Wolverines®   

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