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Trivia Quiz - The Sin Quiz

According to most religions, mankind carries the taint of original sin, stemming from Adam's disobedience in the Garden of Eden. Hopefully, you will be tempted to test your knowledge of sin in its many forms.

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Date Submitted: May 21, 2021
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Author: grant228
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The Sin Quiz
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1. How many deadly sins are there?
  A.   4
  B.   7
  C.   22
  D.   666

2. Who was the member of the early Christian Church who was a driver in the formulation of the doctrine of original sin?
  A.   Ananias of Damascus
  B.   The Venerable Bede
  C.   Augustine of Hippo
  D.   Rabanus Maurus

3. According to the Catholic Church, there are three types of internal sin. Which of those below is not one of these three?
  A.   the pleasure taken in a sinful thought or imagination even without desiring it
  B.   dwelling with complacency on sins already committed
  C.   the desire for what is sinful
  D.   ignorantly committing a sin

4. In the early days of the church, who was a "sin-eater"?
  A.   a person at funerals who took on the sins of the deceased
  B.   a lay person employed by royalty to take on any sins of the sovereign
  C.   a "medical" man who during times of plague would drink blood of the afflicted to remove their sins which caused the disease
  D.   the priest to whom sinners would confess their sins

5. According to the Bible, what are the wages of sin?
  A.   satisfaction
  B.   regret
  C.   death
  D.   sex

6. According to Catholic Church doctrine, what erases original sin?
  A.   baptism
  B.   confirmation
  C.   confession
  D.   last rites

7. In medieval England what was a sin rent?
  A.   payment levied by feudal lords on their subjects for the committal of hidden sins.
  B.   a fine imposed by the Church for living in sin
  C.   a tax on all public drinking houses in England
  D.   a levy imposed on prostitutes who used rented lodgings to ply their trade

8. What type of sin is a mortal sin?
  A.   a sin of lesser severity when compared with an immortal sin
  B.   one that could see the sinner struck instantly dead
  C.   one so grave that could lead to eternal damnation
  D.   any sin committed by people

9. According to the Bible, there are "sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance". How many sins fall into this category?
  A.   1
  B.   4
  C.   10
  D.   13

10. In Islam, what term is given to acts that are forbidden, hence sinful?
  A.   makruh
  B.   riba
  C.   mubah
  D.   haram®   

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