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Trivia Quiz - Number Quiz - Part 3

More questions where the answers are numbers based on cultural, mathematical and historical knowledge.

Quiz Number: 5849
Date Submitted: April 05, 2021
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 86.7 percent
Times Taken: 3 times
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Number Quiz  Part 3
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1. I am the number of different phones used in the TV series "Get Smart"; I am the number of the fire station in "Emergency"; Cleopatra became Queen of Egypt in this BC year?
  A.   38
  B.   44
  C.   51
  D.   69

2. I am the number of times the Devil tempted Jesus; I am the number of consecutive strikes in bowling that make a "turkey"; I am the fourth Fibonacci number?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

3. I am the international dialling code for China; I am an American English slang used to indicate that an item is no longer available; I am the code number of Maxwell Smart?
  A.   51
  B.   67
  C.   70
  D.   86

4. I am the racing car number of Lightning McQueen in "Cars"; I am the number of times Saturn is heavier than Earth; I am the atomic number of Americium?
  A.   40
  B.   95
  C.   22
  D.   74

5. I was the number of days of the original quarantines; I am the minus temperature where Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same; I am the number of squares on a monopoly board?
  A.   40
  B.   80
  C.   60
  D.   30

6. I have the most divisors of any whole number under 30; I am the number of points on a backgammon board; I am the number of blackbirds baked into the pie?
  A.   16
  B.   12
  C.   24
  D.   18

7. The "Love Bug", Herbie carries this number; I was the year of 20th century Queen Elizabeth II was coronated; "Car 54, Where are You?" was based in this New York Precinct?
  A.   50
  B.   51
  C.   52
  D.   53

8. I am the numerical representation if the Yin-yang symbol; I am a song by Deep Purple; I am a semi-prime number i.e. the product of two prime numbers?
  A.   35
  B.   77
  C.   39
  D.   69

9. I am the percentage of Earth that is covered by water; I am the sum of three consecutive primes; the BC year when Spartacus was killed?
  A.   71
  B.   73
  C.   77
  D.   79

10. I am the number of Earth days in a Mercury year; the speed in m.p.h. the DeLorean in "Back to the Future" must reach; I am the colloquial name for a piano?
  A.   52
  B.   88
  C.   22
  D.   72®   

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