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Trivia Quiz - Jim and Tammy Bakker - Spending, Sin and Salvation

The meteoric rise and fall of televangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker is the stuff of American legend. Test your knowledge of the couple that made Sodom and Gomorrah look tame by comparison.

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Date Submitted: March 14, 2021
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Author: grant228
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Jim and Tammy Bakker  Spending Sin and Salvation
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1. Even though the Bakkers presented as folksy southerners, neither was from the South. From what respective states did Jim and Tammy come?
  A.   Michigan and Minnesota
  B.   Maine and Massachusetts
  C.   Montana and Wisconsin
  D.   Vermont and Idaho

2. With which high profile evangelist did the Bakkers first join forces?
  A.   Billy Graham
  B.   Pat Robertson
  C.   Oral Roberts
  D.   Rex Humbard

3. In 1974 the Bakkers forged their ministry with what interesting title?
  A.   Christian Broadcasting Network
  B.   World Changers International
  C.   Miracle Crusades
  D.   Praise the Lord

4. The Bakkers financial success saw them establish a religious theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina with what title?
  A.   Heaven on Earth
  B.   Christianity Culture
  C.   Heritage USA
  D.   The Promised Land

5. In 1987 Jim Bakker was accused of rape by which woman?
  A.   Debra Murphree
  B.   Gennifer Flowers
  C.   Jessica Hahn
  D.   Fanne Foxe

6. What defence did Jim Bakker offer against the rape allegation?
  A.   His only interest in the alleged victim was spiritual.
  B.   He was weak but knew God had forgiven him.
  C.   He had touched his alleged victim but only to cast out her demons.
  D.   He was like Samson who had been seduced by a Delilah-like temptress working for enemies inside his ministry.

7. Things went from bad to worse for Jim Bakker when, in 1987, small-time televangelist John Ankerberg accused Bakker of what?
  A.   having homosexual lovers
  B.   being involved in satanic prayer meetings
  C.   being a closet atheist
  D.   intending to convert to Catholicism

8. When Jim Bakker was put on trial for embezzlement, it was estimated he had amassed a personal fortune of how much?
  A.   $26 million
  B.   $57 million
  C.   $111 million
  D.   $158 million

9. Jim Bakker was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 45 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. How long did he serve of this sentence?
  A.   None of it. His conviction was overturned on appeal.
  B.   3 months
  C.   2 years
  D.   5 years

10. Which of the following spending excesses were the Bakkers not accused of committing?
  A.   ice imported from Alaska
  B.   an air-conditioned dog house
  C.   $100 a day spent on cinnamon buns
  D.   $10,000 spending afternoon in Manhattan by Tammy®   

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