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Trivia Quiz - Mamie Eisenhower - "Ike's Wife"

Mamie Eisenhower typified 1950s America in her tastes and demeanour. Test your knowledge of this very popular First Lady.

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Date Submitted: March 09, 2021
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Quiz is about: Mamie Eisenhower

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Mamie Eisenhower  Ikes Wife
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1. Similar to a number of U S First Ladies, Mrs Eisenhower was born with a different first name to the one the world came to know her. What name was she given upon coming into the world on November 14, 1896?
  A.   Marie
  B.   Myrtle
  C.   Mary
  D.   Millicent

2. Mamie Doud met Dwight D. Eisenhower while she was staying at her family's winter home in San Antonio. Approximately how long would it be until she and her husband owned their own home?
  A.   Immediately as they were given a house as wedding gift by Mamie's wealthy family.
  B.   10 years
  C.   20 years
  D.   30 years

3. The Eisenhowers' early marital joy ended with the death of their three year old son, Doud from what cause?
  A.   He drowned in the bath when Mamie went to answer the phone.
  B.   Spanish influenza
  C.   scarlet fever
  D.   He wandered from their home on to a frozen lake and fell through the ice.

4. Mamie Eisenhower was the victim of unkind and incorrect gossip which accused her of having a drinking problem when she suffered from what disease?
  A.   Tourette's syndrome
  B.   Meniere's disease
  C.   migraine
  D.   low blood sugar

5. What "first" did Mamie Eisenhower achieve as First Lady?
  A.   She allowed television cameras into the White House.
  B.   She was the first First Lady to be kissed by her husband at his inauguration ceremony.
  C.   She was the first to employ African Americans as catering staff.
  D.   She appeared in a television commercial.

6. As First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower set a high standard of presentation in her clothing. Of what color was she particularly fond?
  A.   pink
  B.   blue
  C.   green
  D.   yellow

7. Mamie Eisenhower's stance on civil rights and equality was recognised with honorary membership of which organization?
  A.   Jews for Urban Justice
  B.   Salsa Soul Sisters
  C.   National Council of Negro Women
  D.   American Equal Rights Association

8. As First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower earned a reputation for what?
  A.   coordinating her husband's re-election campaign
  B.   over-spending her entertaining budget
  C.   welcoming children's from Washington's orphanages into the White House
  D.   financial management

9. During the 1952 Presidential election campaign, Mamie Eisenhower wrote an article with what title?
  A.   Why I like Ike.
  B.   Vote for My Husband or for Governor Stevenson, but Please Vote.
  C.   My Republican Ideals
  D.   America as I see it.

10. What measure did Mamie Eisenhower adopt as First Lady?
  A.   Disagreeing publicly with some of her husband's decisions
  B.   She advocated a wage for all First Ladies.
  C.   Regularly inviting former First Ladies to the White House
  D.   She signed all letters sent out in her name.®   

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