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Trivia Quiz - Geronimo: Native American Leader

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Quiz Number: 582
Date Submitted: September 23, 2006
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
Average Score: 61 percent
Times Taken: 419 times
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Geronimo Native American Leader

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1. What year was Geronimo born?
  A.   1742
  B.   1829
  C.   1899
  D.   1872

2. Geronimo was from what well know Indian tribe?
  A.   Cherokee
  B.   Blackfoot
  C.   Huron
  D.   Apache

3. What happened to Geronimo's first wife and family?
  A.   They were swept away by a flood
  B.   Killed by American soldiers
  C.   They were killed by Mexican soldiers while on a trading expedition
  D.   Nothing, his wife lived to be 102

4. Geronimo's real name was:
  A.   Goyahkla
  B.   Geripho
  C.   Gaunamo
  D.   Puento

5. Geronomo believed that:
  A.   He was destined to rule all of Mexico
  B.   He was the re-incarnation of a rabbit
  C.   No gun could ever kill him
  D.   He was a god

6. In his life, how many wives did Geronimo have?
  A.   9
  B.   2
  C.   1
  D.   4

7. Geronimo rode in what US President's inaugural parade?
  A.   Abraham Lincoln
  B.   Teddy Roosevelt
  C.   Herbert Hoover
  D.   Franklin Roosevelt

8. In his own tribe, Geronimo was actually a:
  A.   tailor
  B.   medicine man
  C.   farmer
  D.   leather worker

9. Where did Geronimo die?
  A.   Oklahoma
  B.   Arizona
  C.   New York
  D.   Wyoming

10. Geronimo's grave site is believed to have been vandalized by:
  A.   Another Indian tribe
  B.   Mexican soldiers
  C.   Local towns people
  D.   Yale's secret "Skull and Bones" Society®   

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