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Trivia Quiz - Nicolaus Copernicus - Astronomical Trailblazer

Copernicus broke new ground and incurred many enemies with his claim the Earth was not the centre of the Solar System. Test your knowledge of this courageous scientist.

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Date Submitted: November 03, 2018
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Quiz is about: Nicolaus Copernicus

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Nicolaus Copernicus  Astronomical Trailblazer
(Image Source: Nicolaus Copernicus @ Wikipedia)

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1. Nicolaus Copernicus, born in 1473, was a native of what country?
  A.   Germany
  B.   Denmark
  C.   Russia
  D.   Poland

2. With whose work did Copernicus disagree that the Earth was the centre of the universe?
  A.   Pythagoras
  B.   Ptolemy
  C.   Archimedes
  D.   Eratosthenes

3. In which nation did Copernicus do most of his tertiary study?
  A.   Italy
  B.   Spain
  C.   England
  D.   Sweden

4. Apart from his interest in astronomy, in what profession did Copernicus qualify?
  A.   printer
  B.   chemist
  C.   physician
  D.   clock maker

5. How many times was Copernicus married?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   4

6. Which of the following did Copernicus use to postulate his heliocentric view of the universe?
  A.   telescopic observation
  B.   intuition
  C.   astrology
  D.   mathematics

7. Which of the following did Copernicus deduce as part of his seven principles of heliocentric theory?
  A.   axial tilt
  B.   the Earth had two motions
  C.   solar and lunar eclipses
  D.   diameter of the Earth

8. What aspect of planetary motion did Copernicus use to corroborate his theory of a heliocentric system?
  A.   prograde motion
  B.   apparent motion
  C.   retrograde motion
  D.   elliptical motion

9. When was Copernicus's titled work with his authorship clearly stated presented to him?
  A.   on his death bed
  B.   he never saw a published copy
  C.   at the age of 25
  D.   on his 80th birthday

10. What was the reaction of the Catholic Church to the theories of Copernicus?
  A.   He was tried as a heretic.
  B.   Pope Paul III gave Copernicus a lifetime tenure in the Vatican.
  C.   His work was banned until the 19th century.
  D.   He was forced to undergo reducation training.®   

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