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Trivia Quiz - Melania Trump

Melania Trump is the wife of the 45th President of the USA but remains relatively unknown to the public. Test your knowledge of this First Lady who doesn't fit the traditional mold.

Quiz Number: 5769
Date Submitted: September 06, 2018
Quiz Categories: History, American History, Presidential First Ladies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Melania Trump

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1. Melania Trump was born April 26, 1970 in what European country?
  A.   Romania
  B.   Slovenia
  C.   Czech Republic
  D.   Croatia

2. What did Melania Trump study at university for a year before dropping out?
  A.   architecture and design
  B.   veterinary science
  C.   business management
  D.   cosmetology

3. After moving to America in 1996, Melania Trump did many modelling shoots. Which of the following magazines did not carry her photo assignments?
  A.   Vogue
  B.   Vanity Fair
  C.   Sports Illustrated
  D.   Playboy

4. When Melania married Donald Trump in 2005, who was one of the many celebrity guests?
  A.   Barack Obama
  B.   Pope Benedict XVI
  C.   Hillary Clinton
  D.   John McCain

5. What religion is Melania Trump?
  A.   Catholic
  B.   Russian Orthodox
  C.   Pentecostal
  D.   Athiest

6. At the 2016 Republican Conference, Melania Trump delivered a speech that borrowed heavily from one made by which former First Lady?
  A.   Barbara Bush
  B.   Laura Bush
  C.   Hillary Clinton
  D.   Michelle Obama

7. As First Lady, Melania Trump has instigated a youth improvement program with what title?
  A.   Let's Move
  B.   Be Best
  C.   Story Time
  D.   Just Say No

8. Melania Trump has one child with Donald Trump. What is her son's name?
  A.   Prince
  B.   Duke
  C.   Barron
  D.   Earl

9. On what policy issue did Melania Trump publicly differ with her husband?
  A.   Energy and climate
  B.   Trade tariffs
  C.   Health care
  D.   Border enforcement

10. Which of the following is not true of Melania Trump?
  A.   She is the first First Lady for whom English is not her first language.
  B.   She is the first foreign-born First Lady.
  C.   She is the tallest First Lady.
  D.   She is the first First Lady to be a swimsuit model.®   

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