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Trivia Quiz - Gilmore Girls: Season 1

Can you remember Season 1 of "Gilmore Girls"? If so, these questions are a cinch! written by portiabear.

Quiz Number: 576
Date Submitted: September 02, 2006
Quiz Categories: Gilmore Girls
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: portiabear
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Gilmore Girls Season 1
(Image Source: Gilmore Girls @ StarPulse)

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1. What is the name of the elite prep school where Rory gets accepted?
  A.   Harvard
  B.   Stars Hollow High
  C.   Chilton
  D.   Independence High

2. From whom does Lorelai borrow the money so that Rory can attend Chilton?
  A.   Christopher Hayden
  B.   Richard and Emily Gilmore
  C.   Luke Danes
  D.   Taylor Doose

3. What does Lorelai wear to Rory's first day at Chilton?
  A.   business suit and pumps
  B.   a dress and rain boots
  C.   a slicker and rain boots
  D.   cutoffs and cowboy boots

4. What sport does Rory choose as her gym requirement at her new prep school?
  A.   floor hockey
  B.   ice hockey
  C.   golf
  D.   tennis

5. Why was Rory late for her Shakespeare test?
  A.   A deer hit her car.
  B.   She hit a deer.
  C.   She broke her arm.
  D.   The dog ate her homework.

6. Whose wake made Lorelai forget about a date with Rory's teacher?
  A.   Claudia, Lorelai's cousin
  B.   Cinnamon, the neighbor's cat
  C.   Pierpont, the neighbor's gnome
  D.   Helga, the Gilmores' maid

7. Where do Dean and Rory kiss for the very first time?
  A.   Doose's Market
  B.   Miss Patty's Dance Studio
  C.   Rory's backyard
  D.   Taylor's Sweet Shoppe

8. Who sleeps on Lorelai's couch after her date with Max Medina?
  A.   Max Medina
  B.   Luke Danes
  C.   Lane Kim
  D.   Sookie St. James

9. What classic television star does Rory dress up as to teach Dean a lesson?
  A.   Mary Tyler Moore
  B.   Harriet Nelson
  C.   Lucielle Ball
  D.   Donna Reed

10. Who is Bert?
  A.   the neighbor's really tall husband
  B.   the quirky bag boy at Doose's Market
  C.   Luke's nephew
  D.   Luke's toolbox®   

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