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Trivia Quiz - Scandals

Test your knowledge of some of the more notable scandals.

Quiz Number: 5759
Date Submitted: July 05, 2018
Quiz Categories: History, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 90 percent
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1. Italian Prime Minister, Sylvio Berlusconi was famous for his Bunga Bunga parties. What are Bunga Bunga parties?
  A.   a ring of naked women dancing around a naked man
  B.   an Italian form of swinging using crosses instead of car keys
  C.   cocaine snorted off a naked woman
  D.   alcohol slurped from the folds and creases of naked men and women

2. What was the name of the man who hit U S skater, Nancy Kerrigan with an iron bar?
  A.   Kaluzny
  B.   Featherly
  C.   Netzley
  D.   Gillooly

3. Which rock’n’roll star married his 13 year old cousin?
  A.   Little Richard
  B.   Jerry Lee Lewis
  C.   Chuck Berry
  D.   Bo Diddley

4. What was the last name of the lady Lynndie who led an Iraqi prisoner on a lead in Abu Grahib prison?
  A.   England
  B.   Wales
  C.   Holland
  D.   Ireland

5. What did Donald Trump say he should use before making his infamous remark about molesting women?
  A.   Viagra
  B.   Tic Tacs
  C.   his eponymous deodorant
  D.   hairspray

6. The Piltdown Man was a scientific hoax that used the head of a man and the jaw of what primate?
  A.   orang utan
  B.   gorilla
  C.   chimpanzee
  D.   baboon

7. Which designer fashion label produced the German SS uniforms?
  A.   Pierre Cardin
  B.   Christian Dior
  C.   Coco Chanel
  D.   Hugo Boss

8. Which of the following controversial things has Prince Harry not done?
  A.   dressed as a Nazi
  B.   played strip billiards
  C.   called Pakistani members of Sandhurst Academy "ragheads"
  D.   experimented with cocaine

9. Which US President is strongly suspected of fathering six children with his slave girl?
  A.   Thomas Jefferson
  B.   Andrew Polk
  C.   John Adams
  D.   Andrew Jackson

10. In 2017 when La La Land was wrongly announced as Best Picture, what film was eventually named the winner?
  A.   Hidden Figures
  B.   Lion
  C.   Moonlight
  D.   Arrival®   

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