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Trivia Quiz - Winston Churchill -The Middle Years

Take ten questions on the life of Winston Churchill before he became Prime Minister of Great Britain when his country was in its direst hour.

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Date Submitted: October 16, 2017
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Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Winston S Churchill

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Winston Churchill The Middle Years
(Image Source: Winston Churchill @ Battlefield Site)

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1. In 1908 Winston Churchill married his wife who was to remain so until his death in 1965. What was her first name?
  A.   Arabella
  B.   Philomena
  C.   Clementine
  D.   Euphenia

2. Winston Churchill saw military service in many lands. Which of the following was not part of his active service?
  A.   India
  B.   South Africa
  C.   Sudan
  D.   Russia

3. Which future Prime Minister captured Winston Churchill during a military campaign?
  A.   Jarwahalal Nehru
  B.   Louis Botha
  C.   Gamal Nasser
  D.   Charles de Gaulle

4. Who did Winston Churchill claim to be his biggest political influence?
  A.   Benjamin Disraeli
  B.   His father, Randolph
  C.   David Lloyd George
  D.   George Washington

5. What dog breed's name did Churchill's wife use as an affectionate term for him?
  A.   pug
  B.   peke
  C.   bulldog
  D.   chow

6. What affliction did Winston Churchill battle all his life?
  A.   diabetes
  B.   Parkinson's
  C.   depression
  D.   tinnitus

7. Which passion entranced Winston Churchill for a large part of his life?
  A.   music
  B.   painting
  C.   mountain trekking
  D.   sculpture

8. Following his removal as First Lord of the Admiralty in World War I, what did Churchill do?
  A.   He saw active service in France and Belgium.
  B.   He studied law in America.
  C.   He undertook a world tour.
  D.   He suffered a nervous breakdown and spent the rest of the war in care.

9. The period of Churchill's life from 1929 to 1939 was given what description?
  A.   The wasted years
  B.   The limbo years
  C.   The wilderness years
  D.   The renewal years

10. In 1932 Winston Churchill wrote, "The story of the human race is................"?
  A.   misery
  B.   progress
  C.   always repeated
  D.   war®   

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