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Trivia Quiz - Lee Harvey Oswald: American Assassin

Facts and biographical data about one of America's most mysterious and infamous characters. This quiz will focus on Oswald's life before his defection to the USSR.

Quiz Number: 5699
Date Submitted: September 30, 2017
Quiz Categories: American History, Biographies, American Culture, Assassinations
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: OJN1953
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Quiz is about: Lee Harvey Oswald

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Lee Harvey Oswald American Assassin
(Image Source: Lee Harvey Oswald @ BZTV)

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1. In what city was Lee H. Oswald born?
  A.   Dallas, Texas
  B.   New Orleans, Louisiana
  C.   Ft. Worth, Texas
  D.   Little Rock, Arkansas

2. What was the name of Oswald's mother?
  A.   June Oswald
  B.   Ruth Payne Oswald
  C.   Marguerite Oswald
  D.   Virginia Pic

3. What were the names of Lee's siblings?
  A.   John and Robert
  B.   Robert June and Mari Ann
  C.   Jeb, Stuart and Forrest
  D.   Edward and Robert

4. What branch of the military service did Lee enlist?
  A.   Air Force
  B.   Navy
  C.   Marines
  D.   Army

5. To what east coast city did Lee and his mother move temporarily in 1952
  A.   Boston
  B.   Baltimore
  C.   Philadelphia
  D.   New York

6. What was Oswald's primary job while in military service?
  A.   Medical technician
  B.   Radar Operator
  C.   Military Police
  D.   Ordinance Technician

7. To what overseas military base was Oswald assigned after finishing training stateside?
  A.   Okinawa Naval Base
  B.   Incirlik Air Force Base
  C.   Naval Air Facility, Atsugi Japan
  D.   Kobe Point, Panama Canal Zone

8. What organization did Oswald join as a teenager while living in New Orleans?
  A.   Civil Air Patrol
  B.   Comsomol
  C.   Young Peoples Socialist League
  D.   Fair Play for Cuba Committee

9. Because his mother was divorced and couldn't take care of him while she worked, Oswald was sent to live where?
  A.   With his older brother
  B.   With an aunt in Little Rock
  C.   In an orphanage
  D.   At a military academy

10. What led to Oswald being sent to a juvenile reformatory?
  A.   Fighting at school
  B.   Truancy
  C.   Disrespectful behavior
  D.   Emotional problems®   

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