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Trivia Quiz - Richard III - "naked villainy"

Test your knowledge of one of Shakespeare's best loved plays centring on villainy, ambition and retribution. It has been claimed Shakespeare painted Richard as darkly as he could to maintain his favourable relationship with the house of Tudor.

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Date Submitted: June 16, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Richard III  naked villainy

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1. About whom is Richard referring when he opens the play with, "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York."
  A.   himself
  B.   his brother, Edward
  C.   Henry Vi
  D.   Duke of York

2. How did Richard III win the heart of his eventual wife, Lady Anne?
  A.   Across the coffin of her father-in-law
  B.   He promises her he will be king one day.
  C.   By promising to care for her two children as his own
  D.   By performing in a play as the character, Tristan.

3. Who does Richard first dispense with on his way to the throne?
  A.   his brother, Edward
  B.   Lord Hastings
  C.   his brother, Clarence
  D.   Queen Margaret

4. Richard has two princes, Edward and Richard imprisoned and then killed. What relation were they to Richard?
  A.   cousins
  B.   nephews
  C.   grandsons
  D.   no relation

5. Who was employed by Richard to act as his assassin?
  A.   Alphonse
  B.   Tyrrel
  C.   Cicero
  D.   Diablo

6. By what name is Richard referred to in the play?
  A.   York
  B.   Prince of Wales
  C.   Gloucester
  D.   Norfolk

7. When Buckingham presents Richard to the citizens of London, what is the reaction?
  A.   There is stunned silence.
  B.   Mocking laughter
  C.   Richard feigns a reluctance to accept the crown.
  D.   Richard tells the crowd of his goodness and humble heart.

8. Who does Richard attempt to marry following the death of Anne?
  A.   niece
  B.   cousin
  C.   step sister
  D.   half sister

9. Who is accused of treason by Richard and is executed by beheading without trial.
  A.   Tyrrel
  B.   Earl of Richmond
  C.   Lord Hastings
  D.   Lord Buckingham

10. Before being killed by the eventual Henry VII on Bosworth field, what does Richard call for to assist him in the battle?
  A.   God's help
  B.   a heavier sword
  C.   his father's strength
  D.   a horse®   

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