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Trivia Quiz - Macbeth - "Blood will have blood"

The tale of unbrindled ambition that leads to the death of Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's darkest. Take ten questions on the work known by superstitious actors as "the Scottish play".

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Date Submitted: June 13, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Macbeth  Blood will have blood

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1. Who prophesises the rise of Macbeth to the throne of Scotland?
  A.   Lady Macbeth
  B.   Banquo
  C.   Duncan
  D.   three witches

2. How does Macbeth kill King Duncan?
  A.   He kills him on the battlefield.
  B.   He poisons Duncan's wine.
  C.   He stabs Duncan in his sleep.
  D.   He sends assassins to throw Duncan from the battlement of his castle.

3. Having killed Duncan, what does Macbeth fear he will never do again?
  A.   sleep
  B.   pray
  C.   laugh
  D.   eat

4. After killing Duncan, who does Macbeth have murdered?
  A.   Malcolm
  B.   Banquo
  C.   Fleance
  D.   Macduff

5. What do Macbeth and Clint Eastwood have in common?
  A.   They are fond of killing people.
  B.   They are ruled by domineering wives.
  C.   Both were born in Scotland.
  D.   Both addressed an empty chair.

6. Lady Macbeth spurred Macbeth into his killing spree with an emotional speech. Which of Macbeth's qualities did she not bring into question?
  A.   masculinity
  B.   courage
  C.   truthfulness
  D.   love for her

7. In an attempt to shore up his crumbling grip on the throne, whose wife and children did Macbeth have killed?
  A.   Macduff's
  B.   Banquo's
  C.   Malcolm's
  D.   Donalbain's

8. Why, in the later stages of the play, does Macbeth feel he is invulnerable?
  A.   He has dispensed all challengers to the throne.
  B.   Lady Macbeth dies thus freeing his conscience.
  C.   He received absolution for his crimes from the royal cardinal.
  D.   The witches told him he could not be killed by anyone born of a woman, and he would be safe until the Birnam Wood marched.

9. It is commonly believed Lady Macbeth died from what cause?
  A.   poisoning
  B.   guilt
  C.   smothered with a pillow
  D.   burned at the stake

10. Who beheads Macbeth, thus ending the bloodbath and freeing Scotland from his tyranny?
  A.   Malcolm
  B.   Banquo
  C.   Macduff
  D.   Donalbain®   

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