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Trivia Quiz - Women Who Were First at Something Part III

More achievements of trailblazing women. Test your knowledge of some more outstanding achievers.

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Date Submitted: June 06, 2017
Quiz Categories: History, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Women Who Were First at Something Part III

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1. What did Janet Guthrie achieve in 1977?
  A.   First woman to drive in the Indi 500
  B.   First female captain in the U S Coast Guard
  C.   First female U S coal miner
  D.   First female director of the CIA

2. Who was the first black woman elected to the U S Congress?
  A.   Yvonne Burke
  B.   Barbara Jordan
  C.   Shirley Chisholm
  D.   Katie Hall

3. What notable achievement did Jacqueline Cochran make on behalf of women?
  A.   First woman to break the sound barrier
  B.   First woman to run a four minute mile
  C.   First U S woman to fly an airplane
  D.   First woman to run a marathon

4. Who was the first African-American woman to win the Wimbledon tennis championship singles?
  A.   Venus Williams
  B.   Althea Gibson
  C.   Serena Williams
  D.   Zina Garrison

5. Alice Hamilton achieved what as an American woman?
  A.   First female representative at the United Nations
  B.   First female Army general
  C.   First female professor at Harvard
  D.   First female New York firefighter

6. Who was the first female to run as a U S major party Vice President nominee?
  A.   Geraldine Ferraro
  B.   Nancy Peloso
  C.   Hillary Clinton
  D.   Madeleine Albright

7. Gertrude Ederle achieved what claim to fame?
  A.   First woman to climb the Matterhorn
  B.   First woman to swim the English Channel
  C.   First woman to circumnavigate the world
  D.   First woman to by the engineer of a locomotive

8. Who was the first female American T V news anchor?
  A.   Megyn Kelly
  B.   Laura Diaz
  C.   Barbara Walters
  D.   Nancy Cox

9. What invention is Stephanie Kwolek's main claim to fame?
  A.   She invented trifocal spectacles.
  B.   She invented nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic.
  C.   She invented the IUD.
  D.   She invented crystalline polymers, now used in bullet-proof vests.

10. Who was the first African American woman to sing with the Metropolitan Opera?
  A.   Aretha Franklin
  B.   Marian Anderson
  C.   Abbie Mitchell
  D.   Adele Addison®   

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