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Trivia Quiz - Women Who Were First at Something - Part II

More questions on the landmark achievements of trailblazing women.

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Date Submitted: May 29, 2017
Quiz Categories: History, American Culture, Amazing "Firsts" in History!
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Women Who Were First at Something  Part II

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1. In 1977 who became the first woman to win a sexual harassment case when the U S Court of Appeals ruled she had lost her job for spurning her boss's sexual advances?
  A.   Georgia Lewis
  B.   Margaret O'Dowd
  C.   Therese Mainey
  D.   Paulette Barnes

2. Maya Lin was an architect who designed what magnificent structure?
  A.   Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington
  B.   9/11 Memorial in New York
  C.   Gateway Arch in St Louis
  D.   Florida Keys Highway

3. Who was the woman who brought the Roe v Wade case that saw the U S Supreme Court confirm a woman's right to abortion?
  A.   Eileen Jones
  B.   Vicki Jahns
  C.   Norma McCorvey
  D.   Shirley Van Esch

4. In 1955 Claudette Colvin made what significant stance as a 15 year old African American?
  A.   She was the first black teenager enrolled in a white Mississippi high school.
  B.   She refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger.
  C.   She wrote to President Eisenhower demanding equal rights.
  D.   She was invited to address the United Nations.

5. Who was the first woman to be appointed to the bench of the U S Supreme Court?
  A.   Ruth Ginsburg
  B.   Sonia Sotomayor
  C.   Sandra Day O'Connor
  D.   Elena Kagan

6. In 1886 Josephine Cochrane invented what practical household device?
  A.   dishwasher
  B.   vacuum cleaner
  C.   hair dryer
  D.   electric oven

7. Who, using the assumed name of Nellie Bly, got herself admitted to an insane asylum to expose horrendous conditions and also reported much of World War I?
  A.   Jane Mariner
  B.   Emly Sailor
  C.   Martha Cruise
  D.   Elizabeth Seaman

8. In 1914 Caresse Crosby invented the first modern version of what item of female apparel?
  A.   bloomers
  B.   bra
  C.   swimming costume
  D.   handbag

9. In 1962 Helen Gurley Brown wrote what best-selling novel?
  A.   The Female Eunuch
  B.   Portnoy's Complaint
  C.   Sex and the Single Girl
  D.   The Joy of Sex

10. In 1956 who invented the secretary's saviour known as Liquid Paper?
  A.   Jennifer Tork Reynolds
  B.   Vera Jones Lovell
  C.   Heather Dolenz McCarthy
  D.   Bette Nesmith Graham®   

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