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Trivia Quiz - Scientific Trailblazers

The following people achieved scientific firsts. Your job is to select which of the alternatives belongs to each discoverer or discoverers.

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Date Submitted: January 04, 2016
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Scientists
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Author: grant228
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Scientific Trailblazers

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1. Francis Crick and James Watson achieved lasting fame by doing what?
  A.   completing the missing elements of the periodic table
  B.   plant classification
  C.   modelling the structure of DNA
  D.   the first invitro fertilization

2. Howard Florey achieved what breakthrough that benefited many of the world's people?
  A.   discovery of aspirin
  B.   reinforced concrete
  C.   invention of DDT
  D.   medical application of penicillin

3. Anton von Leeuwenhoek improved the lot of people with what invention?
  A.   microscope
  B.   sphygmomanometer or blood pressure device
  C.   glass that could be made into window panes
  D.   humidicrib

4. What device did Godfrey Hounsfield invent; the inspiration for which gained on long walks through the English countryside?
  A.   wireless technology
  B.   velcro
  C.   C A T scanner
  D.   laser

5. Marie and Pierre Curie discovered what element on their way to finding radium?
  A.   uranium
  B.   polonium
  C.   francium
  D.   plutonium

6. Rene Laennec invented what medical device?
  A.   hypodermic syringe
  B.   X ray machine
  C.   stethoscope
  D.   stomach band

7. Beatrix Potter is better known for her children's stories but made what scientific discovery?
  A.   biological pest control
  B.   soluble fertilizers
  C.   ferns reproduced through dispersal of spores
  D.   lichen was a combination of algae and fungi

8. An anonymous Australian doctor invented what important medical advancement?
  A.   artificial hip
  B.   heart pacemaker
  C.   artificial heart valve
  D.   bionic ear

9. Willard F. Libby worked on the Manhattan Project but also made what important contribution?
  A.   cathode ray tube
  B.   geiger counter
  C.   carbon dating
  D.   cure for tuberculosis

10. Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer achieved what medical first in 1972?
  A.   genetic engineering
  B.   face transplant
  C.   bionic ear
  D.   cloning of Dolly the Sheep®   

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