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Trivia Quiz - Andy Griffith Show Mixed Bag

A variety of questions about episodes and events on the Andy Griffith Show!

Quiz Number: 5569
Date Submitted: December 03, 2015
Quiz Categories: The Andy Griffith Show
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Tlebleu23
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Andy Griffith Show Mixed Bag
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1. What was Opie's bird's name?
  A.   Tweety
  B.   Polly
  C.   Dickie
  D.   Sammy

2. What vegetable did Aunt Bea make Opie plant when he was barred from the courthouse?
  A.   Carrots
  B.   Spinach
  C.   Broccolli
  D.   Potatoes

3. In the episode "The Fued", what were the names of the feuding families?
  A.   Hatfields & McCoys
  B.   Johnsons & Taylors
  C.   Hollisters & Campbells
  D.   Wakefields & Carters

4. In the episode "Barneys First Car" what old trick was used to make the car purr like a kitten?
  A.   Changed the sparkplugs
  B.   Saw dust in the transmission & differential
  C.   Tuned up the engine
  D.   Changed the oil

5. Why did Barney's landlady Ms. Mindlebright want him to leave?
  A.   He was too noisy and had too many friends over.
  B.   He cooked in his room and used too high voltage light bulb
  C.   He sang all night and kept her awake.
  D.   He didnt pay his rent on time.

6. In the episode where Opie was being bullied for his milk money, Andy told a story about a make believe bully that lived in Mayberry when Andy was a kid. What was the bully's name?
  A.   Timmy Shultz
  B.   Lannie Cromb
  C.   Hodie Snitch
  D.   Levi Crookshank

7. On the episode "The Family Visit," where were Andy's Uncle Ollie and his family from?
  A.   Lake Charles
  B.   Mt. Pilot
  C.   Lake Tahoe
  D.   Charlotte

8. On the episode "The Curse", in what direction did Barney have to ride the white horse?
  A.   North to South
  B.   East to West
  C.   West to East
  D.   South to North

9. On the episode "Andy Forecloses", how did Andy say Ben Weaver was gonna go (die) when his tie came?
  A.   He said "He would just nasty away."
  B.   He said " He would take all his money with him."
  C.   He said " A lonely man with no friends.
  D.   None of the above.

10. Why did Malcolm Meriweather do something that caused him to have to leave the Taylor home?
  A.   He was drunk
  B.   He was trying to make Aunt Bea laugh.
  C.   He overheard a conversation between Andy & Barney
  D.   Opie didnt like him.®   

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