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Trivia Quiz - John D. Rockefeller - Capitalist and Philanthropist

John D. Rockefeller became the world's richest person through nerve, drive and a ruthless approach to competitors. He also became one of the world's most generous donors to philanthropic causes. Take ten questions on this enigmatic billionaire.

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Date Submitted: July 10, 2015
Quiz Categories: American History
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Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: John D. Rockefeller IV

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John D. Rockefeller  Capitalist and Philanthropist

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1. Born in 1839, what ambition did John D. Rockefeller have?
  A.   To be the richest person in the world
  B.   To be US President
  C.   To be a church minister
  D.   To live to be 100

2. What did the D stand for in Rockefeller's name?
  A.   David
  B.   Dwight
  C.   Daniels
  D.   Davison

3. Making his fortune from oil, what was Rockefeller's company known as?
  A.   Western Oil
  B.   Standard Oil
  C.   Pan American Petroleum
  D.   Union Oil

4. In 1879 what U S state indicted Rockefeller on a charge of monopolizing the oil trade?
  A.   Ohio
  B.   Kansas
  C.   Pennsylvania
  D.   Oklahoma

5. What invention affected Rockefeller's oil profits?
  A.   light bulb
  B.   telephone
  C.   automobile
  D.   telegraph

6. Which of the following practices did John Rockefeller not use to build his fortune?
  A.   secret deals
  B.   buying off politicians and judges
  C.   buying rivals out
  D.   elimination of middlemen

7. John D. Rockefeller's expansion into the iron ore industry brought him into direct opposition with what other legendary 19th century capitalist?
  A.   Andrew Carnegie
  B.   Cornelius Vanderbilt
  C.   Andrew Mellon
  D.   James Duke

8. Which U S President was credited with instituting anti-trust laws in an attempt to break Rockefeller's grip on the oil industry?
  A.   Woodrow Wilson
  B.   Howard Taft
  C.   Grover Cleveland
  D.   Theodore Roosevelt

9. John D. Rockefeller gave away a fortune to philanthropic causes. Which of the following was not one of his chosen areas?
  A.   public libraries
  B.   educational institutions
  C.   medical science
  D.   public hygiene

10. As of 2015, how many descendants of John D. Rockefeller have carried on his complete name?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5®   

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