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Trivia Quiz - Kingdom Come

The first time my daughter and I watched this film, we almost laughed ourselves sick! This hilarious movie, featuring an all-star cast, is a "must-see" for those who appreciate melodrama. "Kingdom Come" is based on the off-Broadway play, "Dearly Departed"

Quiz Number: 5382
Date Submitted: August 21, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Kingdom Come

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1. What hymn did Marguerite sing to Royce on the phone?
  A.   Blessed Assurance
  B.   Nearer My God to Thee
  C.   Rock of Ages
  D.   What a Friend We Have in Jesus

2. What did Raynelle want to have engraved on Bud's tombstone?
  A.   Beloved husband and father
  B.   Good riddance
  C.   Mean and surly
  D.   Rest in peace

3. What was the name of Royce's brother (the one in prison)?
  A.   Clyde
  B.   Levar
  C.   Norvil
  D.   Winston

4. Where did Ray take Lucille on vacation?
  A.   Dprney Park
  B.   Gatorland
  C.   Jungle Kingdom
  D.   Swamp World

5. What kind of shoes did they put on Bud's feet after he died?
  A.   ballet shoes
  B.   moccasins
  C.   house slippers
  D.   sneakers

6. From which book of the Bible did Royce quote at Bud's funeral?
  A.   Ecclesiastes
  B.   Psalms
  C.   Mark
  D.   Proverbs

7. Ray said if he could do one thing over again he would:
  A.   be a better son
  B.   go to college
  C.   have a different father
  D.   say "I love you" to his father

8. Lucille planned to name a baby girl:
  A.   Budina Joyce
  B.   Buddi Jo
  C.   Budicia Joy
  D.   Budita Jane

9. What did Charisse find in her son's mouth?
  A.   a diamond ring
  B.   an earring
  C.   a pop top
  D.   a shoe heel

10. What did Lucille end up serving Raynelle and her family?
  A.   beans and franks
  B.   corn dogs
  C.   fish sticks
  D.   chicken nuggets®   

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