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Trivia Quiz - Body Bits

Test your knowledge via this easy quiz on some of the body parts that make us what we are.

Quiz Number: 5362
Date Submitted: June 30, 2014
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Body Bits

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1. What is the name of the large artery that leads directly from the heart?
  A.   femoral
  B.   coronary
  C.   aorta
  D.   carotid

2. What are the large muscles in the buttocks called?
  A.   deltoids
  B.   laterals
  C.   thyroids
  D.   gluteals

3. What is the tube from our throat to our stomach that carries all food and liquid?
  A.   oesophagus
  B.   trachea
  C.   antrum
  D.   windpipe

4. What is the more correct name of our chest?
  A.   diaphragm
  B.   solar plexus
  C.   abdomen
  D.   thorax

5. What do we call the frontal or larger part of our brain - that which makes us human?
  A.   synapse
  B.   cerebrum
  C.   cerebellum
  D.   cerebral cortex

6. What organ is affected by the disease hepatitis?
  A.   liver
  B.   small intestine
  C.   pancreas
  D.   spleen

7. What is the band of muscle that opens and closes body orifices?
  A.   colon
  B.   sphincter
  C.   valve
  D.   sciatic

8. What are the minute projections inside the small intestine that extract nourishment from food?
  A.   patellae
  B.   amoeba
  C.   villi
  D.   myelin

9. What word means pertaining to our lungs?
  A.   cardiac
  B.   septum
  C.   pneumonic
  D.   pulmonary

10. What is the black centre of our eyes that allows light to enter our eye?
  A.   iris
  B.   retina
  C.   pupil
  D.   cornea®   

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