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Trivia Quiz - Bring It On

Remember this cute Kirsten Dunst film from 2000? Take my quiz and see how much you can recall! Good luck!

Quiz Number: 5321
Date Submitted: April 06, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 82.4 percent
Times Taken: 29 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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Bring It On
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1. What cheerleading maneuver led to Carver's injury?
  A.   a Fanlift Pyramid
  B.   a Kick Twist Pyramid
  C.   Lance Lightning
  D.   a Wolf Wall

2. What course did Torrance take in order to placate her mother?
  A.   Advanced Chemistry
  B.   Calculus
  C.   Music Appreciation
  D.   Research Writing

3. Cliff wore a T-shirt with what band on the front?
  A.   The Clash
  B.   The Misfits
  C.   The Ramones
  D.   The Sex Pistols

4. From whom did Big Red rip off cheers?
  A.   The East Compton Clovers
  B.   The St. Francis Knights
  C.   The Bellair Fireflies
  D.   The Hobart Sand Crabs

5. Torrance believed she was cursed because:
  A.   her aunt told her the whole family was cursed
  B.   she broke a mirror when she was 12
  C.   she dropped a spirit stick at cheerleading camp
  D.   she had never had good luck

6. What book was Cliff reading at the first game at which Missy cheered?
  A.   Animal Days
  B.   The Naked Eye
  C.   The Human Zoo
  D.   The Naked Ape

7. What was Sparky Polastri's "trademark"?
  A.   Feather Steps
  B.   Jazz Hands
  C.   Spirit Fingers
  D.   Thunder Claps

8. The Toros did their regional routine to what song?
  A.   Get Ready for This
  B.   Tribal Dance
  C.   No Limit
  D.   Twilight Zone

9. Which other squad performed Sparky Polastri's routine at regionals?
  A.   The Belmont Bells
  B.   The Hooper Hippos
  C.   The Mesa Cucamonga Muskrats
  D.   The Rogers Rams

10. To whose talk show did Isis' cheer squad write for support?
  A.   Loretta Crayton
  B.   Pauletta Patton
  C.   Daveta Simms
  D.   Pattie Paulson®   

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