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Trivia Quiz - Notting Hill Character Sketch: Max

How much do you know about Max?Take my quiz and find out!

Quiz Number: 5320
Date Submitted: April 06, 2014
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Romantic Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 66.7 percent
Times Taken: 30 times
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Notting Hill Character Sketch Max
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1. Max was thought by many to be the worst _______ in the world.
  A.   dancer
  B.   lover
  C.   singer
  D.   cook

2. What did Max cook when Anna came to dinner?
  A.   Cornish hen
  B.   guineafowl
  C.   venison
  D.   woodcock

3. After "hello", the first thing Max said to Anna was:
  A.   "Have some wine."
  B.   "It's an honor to meet you."
  C.   "This is surreal, but nice."
  D.   "How did you and Will meet?"

4. Max offered this as a prize to the "saddest act" at Honey's birthday dinner:
  A.   a bottle of wine
  B.   a Chagall print
  C.   a funny hat
  D.   the last brownie

5. Max suggested that Will go out with:
  A.   Betty
  B.   Jessica
  C.   Keziah
  D.   Tessa

6. What did Max cook when Keziah came to dinner?
  A.   Cornish hen
  B.   guineafowl
  C.   sweetbreads
  D.   woodcock

7. Who was Max's best friend?
  A.   Bernie
  B.   Martin
  C.   Tony
  D.   Will

8. At Honey's birthday party, Max asked Will if he:
  A.   had ever thought about going back to school
  B.   intended to marry Anna
  C.   had slept with Anna
  D.   wanted some wine

9. Max said, "Never trust:
  A.   an actor."
  B.   a vegetarian."
  C.   an American."
  D.   woman who diets."

10. As a favor to Will, Max:
  A.   drove Will to find Anna before she left the U.K.
  B.   fired Martin from the book shop
  C.   lied to Anna
  D.   spied on Anna®   

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