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Trivia Quiz - Breaking Away - Movie Quiz

Ten questions on the uplifting film "Breaking Away". The cycling movie that says when you're young you're bound to have dreams, and sometimes chase them.

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Date Submitted: February 02, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Breaking Away  Movie Quiz

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1. In what U.S. state is Breaking Away set?
  A.   Iowa
  B.   Idaho
  C.   Indiana
  D.   Illinois

2. Dave is the main character in Breaking Away. What is his last name?
  A.   Stolz
  B.   Soller
  C.   Stoller
  D.   Stolzer

3. In Breaking Away, what nationality would Dave love to be, so much so he renames himself?
  A.   Italian
  B.   French
  C.   Spanish
  D.   Belgian

4. What derogatory name do the college students have for the town's inhabitants?
  A.   stoners
  B.   cutters
  C.   breakers
  D.   boulders

5. Dave falls for a college girl and gives her what name?
  A.   Maria
  B.   Isabella
  C.   Katerina
  D.   Sophia

6. What job does Dave's father have in the town?
  A.   real estate agent
  B.   insurance salesman
  C.   barber
  D.   used car salesman

7. When Dave competes against the international cycling team, how do they sabotage him?
  A.   spike his drink
  B.   push a tire pump into his wheel
  C.   cut his brake cable
  D.   let his tires down

8. What surprise do Dave's parents spring on him?
  A.   Tell him his mother is pregnant
  B.   Tell him he's adopted
  C.   Pay for him to go to college
  D.   Buy him an expensive bike

9. When Dave exasperates his parents, what does his mother say she'll do?
  A.   Send him to live with relatives in Newark
  B.   Enlist him in the Marines
  C.   Strangle him while he's asleep
  D.   Leave home

10. When Dave's team wins the Little 500 race, what color shirts are they wearing?
  A.   Purple
  B.   Red
  C.   Yellow
  D.   White®   

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