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Trivia Quiz - The Trial of Billy Jack

Here's a quiz for true devotees of the "Billy Jack" films. How many times did you see "The Trail of Billy Jack"? Watch it again, then try your luck at my quiz!

Quiz Number: 5252
Date Submitted: January 19, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 46.3 percent
Times Taken: 27 times
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The Trial of Billy Jack
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1. During his trial, Billy Jack described ______ as his constant companion.
  A.   anger
  B.   death
  C.   God
  D.   his shadow self

2. After Billy Jack went to prison, the Freedom School was set up in an old abandoned:
  A.   juvenile detention center
  B.   hospital
  C.   military academy
  D.   school

3. The philosophy of the Freedom School students was:
  A.   Those who make peaceful evolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
  B.   Give peace a chance.
  C.   Whatever the question, love is the answer.
  D.   Where there is power, there can never be love. Where there is love, there's no need for power.

4. The Freedom School students referred to their brand of sports as _______ athletics.
  A.   cooperative
  B.   new age
  C.   yoga
  D.   Zen

5. The Freedom School fundraiser was called:
  A.   The Freedom Games
  B.   Love is Everywhere
  C.   1984 is Closer Than You Think
  D.   The World's First Total Man Meet

6. Billy Jack kicked this out of the man's hand during a martial arts demonstration.
  A.   an apple
  B.   a hat
  C.   an orange
  D.   a tennis ball

7. According to "Grandfather", we all have a secret ______ side that is painful to discover.
  A.   dark
  B.   evil
  C.   shadow
  D.   weak

8. Jean quoted Thomas Jefferson as having said, "The whole art of government consists in the art of being:
  A.   courageous."
  B.   fair."
  C.   honest."
  D.   unwavering."

9. Whom did the maiden say would help Billy Jack carry on the teachings he'd learned?
  A.   Carol
  B.   Mr. Han
  C.   Jean
  D.   Lowiklal

10. The first line of "Golden Lady" says, "Golden lady made of:
  A.   grace."
  B.   light."
  C.   peace."
  D.   love."®   

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