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Trivia Quiz - F. W. de Klerk - The Man Who Ended South Africa's Apartheid

A quiz on the man whose courage saw him lead his nation into a multi-racial society.

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Date Submitted: January 05, 2014
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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F. W. de Klerk  The Man Who Ended South Africas Apartheid

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1. What does "F. W." stand for in de Klerk's name?
  A.   Francis Walter
  B.   Felix Wallace
  C.   Frederik Willem
  D.   Frank Warren

2. What profession did F.W. de Klerk study at university?
  A.   law
  B.   medicine
  C.   teaching
  D.   architecture

3. What political party did F. W. de Klerk join as a young man?
  A.   South African Defence League
  B.   United South Africa Party
  C.   African Christian Democratic Party
  D.   National Party

4. Who did F. W. de Klerk succeed as President of South Africa in 1989?
  A.   Barend du Plessis
  B.   P. W. Botha
  C.   Pik Botha
  D.   B. J. Vorster

5. Following his release of Nelson Mandela from jail, which of the following was not an initiative of F. W. de Klerk?
  A.   Allowing all South Africans to vote in a referendum on apartheid
  B.   Ending South Africa's ban on the African National Congress
  C.   Holding a whites-only referendum on the question of apartheid
  D.   Ended South Africa's nuclear weapons program

6. In the post-apartheid climate, what proposal did F. W. de Klerk make in an attempt to protect the rights of minority groups in South Africa?
  A.   He advocated the votes of white people to be worth five of black South Africans.
  B.   He wanted a rotating presidency, not one based on popular vote.
  C.   He wanted the South African Supreme Court to remain all white
  D.   He wanted all national elections to be monitored by the United Nations

7. Upon Nelson Mandela's election to the South African Presidency, what role did F.W. de Klerk undertake with the new government?
  A.   None. He wanted Mandela to rule without any hangover of previous administrations
  B.   Officially nothing but was an unofficial advisor to Mandela
  C.   He became Leader of the Opposition.
  D.   He became Deputy President.

8. What honor was bestowed jointly on F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela?
  A.   Honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II
  B.   U. S. Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Clinton
  C.   Nobel Peace Prize
  D.   Papal knighthood from Pope John Paul II

9. What personal tragedy confronted F.W. de Klerk following his time in office?
  A.   The murder of his ex-wife
  B.   The death of one of his sons in a plane crash
  C.   His daughter disowning her father following his reconciliation moves
  D.   All his children left South Africa vowing to never return.

10. What philanthropic organization did F.W. de Klerk establish in 2004?
  A.   The FW de Klerk Reconciliation Group
  B.   Towards a Better South Africa
  C.   The FW de Klerk Literacy Program
  D.   The FW de Klerk Foundation®   

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