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Trivia Quiz - A Christmas Story (Fanatic's Version)

I hope you enjoy this more difficult quiz on "A Christmas Story"!

Quiz Number: 5205
Date Submitted: December 12, 2013
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 70.4 percent
Times Taken: 108 times
Taken by Registered Users: 8

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A Christmas Story (Fanatics Version)
(Image Source: A Christmas Story Title Card)

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1. What magazine did Ralphie's mother keep in her night table?
  A.   Family Circle
  B.   Life
  C.   Look
  D.   The Saturday Evening Post

2. In what state does the story take place?
  A.   Idaho
  B.   Iowa
  C.   Indiana
  D.   Illinois

3. There was a sign behind Ralphie when he was hit by the bully's snowball. What product did it advertise?
  A.   7 Up
  B.   Coca Cola
  C.   Fanta
  D.   Orange Crush

4. Why did Randy hide under the kitchen sink?
  A.   He was afraid his father would spank him for breaking the leg lamp.
  B.   He didn't want to eat his meatloaf.
  C.   He was afraid his father was going to kill Ralphie.
  D.   He was playing Hide and Seek with Ralphie.

5. According to the adult Ralphie, the line to see Santa stretched all the way to:
  A.   the next block
  B.   the North Pole
  C.   the store entrance
  D.   Terra Haute

6. What was the name of Ralphie's teacher?
  A.   Baker
  B.   Hancock
  C.   Martin
  D.   Shields

7. What color was the bowling ball Mrs. Parker gave her husband?
  A.   blue
  B.   orange
  C.   red
  D.   white

8. Who dared Flick to try sticking his tongue to an icy pole?
  A.   Esther Jane
  B.   Grover Dill
  C.   Ralphie
  D.   Schwartz

9. After the turkey was ruined, the Parkers had their Christmas dinner at what restaurant?
  A.   Alfred's Kosher Diner
  B.   Chop Suey Palace
  C.   Denny's
  D.   Tio Tito's

10. What brand of soap did Ralphie's mother put in his mouth after he said the "F" word?
  A.   Camay
  B.   Lifebuoy
  C.   Palmolive
  D.   Lux®   

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